Monday, September 28, 2009

Survival Mode

Many of my friends have asked why I haven't blogged as often lately? How the twin thing is going? How I am doing? The honest truth of it is that I just haven't had time to blog. I am consumed by motherhood. It is the best and worst all at the same time. I have truly fallen in love with my baby girls. Between them and Noah every ounce of love I have in my heart is given to them in the form of every second of my day. It is the best and the worst all at the same time because by giving them all of me, I neglect myself and yes sometimes even my husband. I find myself snappy, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Right now our lives are simply in SURVIVAL MODE. There are days I feel like I have done absolutely nothing, yet I know I am doing the most important thing ever, being a mother. I feel spiritually stagnant, physically exhausted, irritable, and completely blessed all at the same time. In other words, I am getting a hang of things, but I haven't quite yet found a balance between everything that is important to me. Tell me I am not the only mother to ever feel a bit overwhelmed?! ;)

It's time to get into a routine. I need it, I yearn for it. I feel frazzled after a crazy summer full of fun yet exhausting events. I love nothing more than the relief that Autumn brings. Routine, Change,...It's in the air. See here for all of my reasons.

It's Fall. It's time to re-evaluate priorities. Get in a routine.

Time to make some Autumn Resolutions {I was never good at those "New Year" ones,...guess this approach is worth a try}.....

-Music in our home {Brad and I love music way too much to have so little of it in our home}
-Getting to the gym {dang baby weight}
-Earlier Bedtimes for the kids so we can spend more time together {we are way too in love to spend so little time adoring each other}
-Family Home Evening {its time. no more putting it off}
-Healthy Dinners, Menu plan
-Save Moola $ {why do I love to spend money}
-Decide on whether to pursue Graduate School or Entrepreneurship and act {its soo easy not to do anything}

Why does having that in writing lift a huge weight off my shoulders? Blogging is therapeutic. I feel better now. :)


  1. I feel overwhelmed some days and I have one! You definitley have a right to feel overwhelmed with three. I like Autumn resoultions - maybe I'll have to try to make some of my own!

  2. It took me quite a while to find the balance between being a mom, a wife and my own person. You aren't the only mom overwhelmed, I promise! I feel that way, and I only have 1.5!

    One really easy way we've found to do FHE is simply ask the nursery what his lesson was on and then do the same thing on Monday.

  3. Oh you have every reason in the world to feel the way that you do. It's perfectly normal. Your life just went through a wonderful / drastic change pretty much over night and it will take some time to get used to. I am the same as you when it comes to having a routine. My kids eat, sleep, and even watch TV on a schedule. My life doesn't function well without one. It was a lot of work to establish what I wanted them to be on but it was so worth it!!! After I had Brooklyn I began losing MYSELF! I didn't feel like a person (standing alone) anymore. I was still doing things for myself but not getting the same results that I used to have. I finally went out and got a per diem job and it was the best thing in the world for me. I only work about one day a week but I actually find that I am looking forward to that one, simple 4-6 hours away from home. I keep telling Matt that I love this job because I actually feel important to people OUTSIDE of my home! I am not just a mommy, I am a woman, and a nurse, and I get to have many adult based conversations throughout the day. I still consider myself a stay-at-home mom and I honestly feel like it is good for my kids to get some time away from me too. Maybe finding a little job like that would be great for you too. I wouldn't do it until you are ready to leave the babies but maybe it is something that you could look forward to... Either way, you are doing an amazing job. Your 3 beautiful children, and your husband are so lucky to have you. Hope things get better for you!!!

  4. First, I say don't move!! ;) Second, you look great. Don't worry about the baby fat just yet. You'll get it off soon enough. Third, call me when you need a minute. I can come sit with the kids so you can take a bath or pamper yourself. Seriously, call me!!

  5. Hang in there Shell! I know exactly how you're feeling...well I didn't have a toddler?,but the twins part...definitely get that! ;) You will get into a routine, Trav calls me the Twin Nazi, cause I'm pretty dang strict,but oh well it works! Our kids are in bed NO matter what by 7:45, that way I have my evenings to myself, (which is when I go for my runs) so there's where I fit the working out in! Ha! Or I do it w/ the twins in their jogger, (which is way to much weight to push around these days);)They are gettin heavy! But you will get it all worked out and soon, it kind of eventually works itself out a little to! :) I think all stay at home moms especially feel's a dang hard job!! ;)Keep up being the wonderful mommy that you are! :) (And wifey) ;)

  6. I love this time of year SO much too!! Cooler weather, awesome smelling candles, holidays and yummy food!! And I also get overwhelmed at times...With being a mommy to 2 , and being a wife,student and working...AHH sometimes I just wanna cry! But I think that mommy power that we all have kicks in and we get the job done...sometimes the house doesn't get it's cleanest but our babies are so much more important...I think your doing an awesome job Shelley and looking amazing while doing it!!

  7. It was good to see you and you sweet little ones all of them. The girls are adorable and that Noah is the most handsome little guy ever! Your doing a great job with your family.

  8. Shelly, never feel like you are alone in the way to feel! My twins are now 3and half and 20 months and I still feel like I am in survival mode lots of times! I love my job, but I hate it all at the same time! I would realy encourage finding a schedule that works, early bedtimes are wonderful, since my babies were young all my kids have gone to bed at 7. I need that, my husband and I need that. And I am sure that you need it! Good Luck! Please don't ever hesitate to ask questions I have been in shoes like that! 4 kids under the age of two is no cake walk!

  9. Those pictures are TOO cute! Hang in there Shell! If anyone can do it, you can. You are amazing!