Saturday, October 3, 2009

Noah's Cute Talk

This is an on going post that I started about 3 months ago to document the cute things Noah has been saying lately. I decided I'd better publish it and start a new list. The things he says melts my heart. I wish he'd talk like this forever....

"Big Boys have Big Boogers" {while I am trying to distract him from picking his nose}

"Football coming on Daddy! Don't Worry. Don't Worry Daddy, Don't Worry." {ESPN}

-"for a minute" {everything is for a minute....go on scooter for a minute...outside for a minute...daddy at work for a minute...etc}

..."be right back" {he always tells us with a finger in the air}

.."DOO-GIN" or DUGAN = {Do it again!}

..."Bless you Baby Shister" {after a sneeze}

..."Stay home daddy" {he tried to say it again and stumbled on his words before spitting out} "be house"

...(SICK) "Oweee Hurt,..Right here" {point to his belly} :(

..."Can't grab it...too hard" {trying to touch an airplane in the sky}

... "Let's go to golf port" {he loves golfing with daddy at the golf port}

..."Lazzzzzy Rararariver!" {Lazy River at the Water Park}

..."Look Daddy, airplanedoctor" {helicoptor}

..."Mommy! PooPoo STUCK!" {trying to go potty}

-Mommy you Beautiful!! {Love Love it!}

-Dads Cool Dude! {Too cute}

..."WaybyYou, Noah, Mommy, Waybyyou" {Lay By You Noah} (I ask him if he wants me to lay by him, so now he always says waybyyou noah, mommy) Tugs on my heart strings! :)

..."Give me Noah a love" When he wants a hug or to be held. He especially says it to my mom.

Notice that he talks in 3rd person? :) Always. Love it. Don't want him to change it. It's too dang cute. "That's Noah's Ball, Noah jumping on the bed, etc. etc." :)

I'll add more as I remember. Noahs personality right now is so stinkin' cute. I would describe it as a little quirky, but it is the most adorable, loveable, squeezable quirky ever. Love you Buddy. Keep talking cute.


  1. I love the cute Noah talk and these new pics of him. He is so cute.

  2. So cute! That kid is hilarious. We need to get him and Dax together!

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  4. oh shell, he's so cute.. and he says the cutest things! i love the pictures of him. i miss him tons!!!

  5. That is so sweet! He says the most adorable things!!!

  6. I loved it when he started saying "give me Noah a love" when he wanted me to pick him up! I couldn't NOT pick him up, no matter how busy I was. Love that boy!

  7. Cute boy! It's great to know that my kid isn't the one only that talks in 3rd person. My fave is "Bowen can't want it mom" when he doesn't want to do something. Gotta love those little boys!

  8. Oh, WoW!!! i was not expecting this! Your poictures turned out flippen AMAZING! It probably helps that you have such a cute lttile family. You did sooo good picking out outfits! When is your sister coming back!!!????

    -Jamie Brasher

  9. he's so cute! i wish i could get him and maggie together! guarenteed they'd have a ball together!

  10. who the heck is your amazing photographer? I swear I stalk your blog just for the pictures! Too cute!!!