about me


 About me... About me. Sheesh! This is harder than I thought it would be. Why did I put an "about me" anyways?! Err,... here is my best shot...

I love warm carbs. I'd take a warm piece of fruit pie over a piece of chocolate cake any day. Mothering is the joy of my life, and sometimes often, I don't find time to get ready for the day. I adore girly girl stuff that makes me feel like a woman: makeup, high heels, earrings, and bras. If I put on any ONE of those things in any given day, I call the day a total success. ;) 

I cherish memories. I cherish relationships. I cherish the little moments. I'm learning that time flies by way too fast. Even if the moment isn't ideal, it will seem that way in hind-sight, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

In my previous life, (before motherhood), I was a Kitchen designer. I graduated from Brigham Young University - Idaho with a degree in Interior Design. I could look at gorgeous spaces all day long. In 2009, I started HowDoesShe.com with two of my dear friends.  I'm learning to be a business woman from home.  I'm constantly reminding myself of priorities, which always results in me turning off the computer and spending more time with my little family.  I am a night owl.  It's my much needed "me time".

I love chick flicks. I love reading chick flicks. If there isn't some sort of romance involved, I lose interest quickly. I love Happily Ever Afters. Oooo, and I love the new TV series "Once Upon a Time".

I am truly in Love.  I am lucky.  Even on the days I don't like him, I so deeply love him.

 I am a Mormon.  I was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it has brought me more blessings and happiness than I could ever imagine.

I am addicted to Pinterest and will soon need a pintervention.