Monday, September 8, 2008


Mentally on September 1st my brain triggers the close of Summer and the welcoming of Fall. I've been thinking lately of how much I love Fall. There is something about Fall that is magical, refreshing, almost spiritual, about the Autumn season. I can't put my finger on any one thing specific, so I made a list to elaborate. Don't get me wrong I LOVE summer,...and I hate winter (Jan, Feb, March....GAG!). But Fall, I think is my favorite season for these reasons:

1. After a fun filled Summer of vacation and running around, fall marks the end of all the craziness. The pace slows down and we can finally get back into a routine where home and family matters most.

2. The air changes, is cool, crisp, fresh. It feels so nice to take a deep breath of it all in.

3. Back to School time! Don't we all remember how exciting it was to go back to school? Come on admit it! Even when we were in highschool there was something magical about the upcoming school year. New clothes, new friends, new teachers, etc. Heck, I even still try to get Brad to buy me "Back to School" clothes! ;)

4. The smells of Fall. I know that's wierd, but admit it. With Fall comes distinct smells: pumpkin, spice, cinnamon, baked goods (which leades me to my next topic.......)

5. Comfort Food!! There is nothing like Fall comfort food. After a summer of little to no cooking, the oven gets turned back on, soups are made, pumpkin bread, ciders, YUMMMM! I think I need to take a break and go eat something right now.

6. (I'm Back). Walks. Brad, Noah and I love to go on Fall walks at night. Summer nights get too hot for walks and it is nice to get out a few last time before it gets to cold.

7. Fruits and Veggies are ALL in season. Everything in the supermarket is cheap because everything is in season. I have to give away my tomatoes in my garden because I have too many, I get to attempt to can peaches, pears, get the point. It's Harvest time!

8. No yard work! (This one is for Brad) The change of temperature means no more mowing, weed eating, and watering.

9. Holidays! Fall officially marks the beginning of my favorite holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. Anyone who know me knows that I love holidays. I love shopping, eating, family,..the whole package. Each holiday gives me something new to look forward too. Let the shopping begin! :)

10. FALL BACK! Yes that's right...I love the time change. Fall back means I get one more hour of sleep! Spring forward?! Yuck.

So all of you Fall haters, look at all you have to be grateful for! ;) Kenneth Cope has an amazing song about each seasons change and how it is applicable to our lives. Every time I notice the season change I think of of the spiritual change that happens throughout our lives and how we are constantly changing. Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. The song is called "Every Season". It's incredible.

Anyways, it's not often I share personal thoughts on my blog. Usually it's just a shrine to Noah! :) Happy Fall Y'all! :)


  1. I have to agree with everything you said. I think this next month or so is my favorite time of year. Just last night, we took Tyler on a walk along the Provo River. And I know what you mean about the smell of the air! We have a tradition of going up in the mountains to see the changing leaves and have a picnic. Yay for fall!

  2. I agree 110% I love this time of year..the only thing I don't like is that we are getting closer and closer to winter! YUCK!!

  3. What a good post. I like that you shared the feelings of your heart. I love autumn too. Here in SE Idaho I see the farmers with their trucks all gathering in the harvest. It's a great time to settle in, and enjoy the abundance of the year.

  4. Well said! That is so funny that we made a similar post with the same song reference! I love that son so much! I can't help but cry too!

    The Blackfoot fair is the best! I don't think I've EVER missed it! A family tradition that MUST not ever be broken! :)

    I made my background layout. I have been custom making them for friends . family & starting up with small businesses. It's fun and something I enjoy doing while Taylin sleeps.

    How are you guys doing? How is Boise? I have been wanting to go to Boise for a while to do some shopping and we're trying to put together a trip. I'm totally calling you when we go, if we go, and I want to come visit!

    We should get a I.D. reunion going too. I'd love to see everyone and what they're all doing.

  5. yes, yes I agree. I could also write a list about that long for the reasons I love spring too. Summer and Winter have way to drastic temperature changes. I have'nt called you because my boy is sick. I've been waiting for him to get healthy so he and Noah can play. I guess putting him in the pool in september isnt the best way to keep him healthy.

  6. i am with ya on loving fall!!! my favorite time of year. everything you said was so true!!! your family is so cute i love watching your blog for the new things in your life and your great pictures!!!!