Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coates Family Weekend

As I left Blackfoot to travel to Utah I thought to myself {this should be easy, its Noah's nap time, the girls always fall asleep in the car, I soooo have things under control}. Glance 1 hour into our trip. Brad is verging on missing his flight because I had to overnight his license to him FedEx. FedEx hadn't delivered! I am on the phone trying to figure out what the heck happened to "overnight guarantee". I have already stopped on 4 exit ramps to replace binkies that have fallen out, Noah is definitely NOT taking his nap. Instead he is screaming "I STUCK" {obviously he is "stuck" in his car seat}, both babies are crying uncontrollably and there is nothing I can do about it. So I just drive. I blare church music to tune them out (and to hopefully calm them). I start singing along to the music. I never get spiritual time, so by the time I am to track 2 I am tearing up, singing, feeling ultra spiritual. Great now all 4 of us are crying. Oh Boy. What I would have given to be an innocent bystander watching our car full. It would have been hilarious. We were so the stereotypical young LDS family. Probably could have made a movie out of it. Anyways, we all made it. Somehow.

The reason for our big adventurous trip to SLC was Brad's cousin Chris' wedding. NeeNee and Pops flew out for the weekend too! I LOVE IT when there is a good reason to all get together! :)

Get ready for a picture overload {thanks TeeTee}....

At the Temple...Congratulations Chris & Marissa!

Partying at the Reception

Celebrating NeeNee's Birthday! We love you NeeNee! Hope it was a good one!
{Oh Cheesecake Factory,...why must you tempt me?}
hanging out...
It was so great to have a Coates' Family Weekend. We love spending time with Brad's family and his extended family {Jen & Chris,..we so wish we lived closer. Chase and Noah would be bestest buds}. We wish these get-togethers could happen more often!


  1. Can I just say you are looking fabulous!!

  2. i love that uber large flame on top of the cake.. were you scared holding that!? love all the pictures, and you are most definitely looking fabulous.

  3. You are one brave woman to make that drive!! I can't believe how big all three of your kids are getting they are adorable. I love all of the pics it looks like you and your family have been having a fun time.

  4. I love all the cute pictures of the kids! You must tell me where you found thos adoreable lace leggings the girls are wearing? I love them! And I have traveled all alone with three children before, so I can sympathize with you.

  5. It was so great to see you guys, and I too wish you guys lived closer! Such cute pics of everyone!I also loved the Blackfoot pics! great memories of going to the fair when we lived in ID. :)

  6. Your story was just the comic relief I needed today!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I am totally impressed! I have never made a long trek with the twinners by myself...an hour in the car is all I have done alone so I totally am in aw of you right now! Noah and the girls are so stinking cute!!!

  7. Wow you are one brave woman to take all three by yourself. I have a hard enough time taking one by myself for only an hour. Can't believe the twins are that old, they are growing way fast. And yes, you are so one hot momma. I will try not to be offended that you didn't stop by and see us on your way. We miss you!

  8. Shell, you look hot stuff! NeeNee looks like she's in heaven with her grandbabies. When is it our turn??? You are an amazing mommy and I love you!