Monday, March 26, 2012

Say Abre!

So my girls like Dora. Wait,... they LOVE DORA. I am convinced they are going to learn Spanish before they learn English. ;)  Most recently they've become obsessed with the word "Abre". "Abre" means "Open".

They started out using it IN context. For example they would hold out there arms at the top of the stairs and not let me through until the magic word was said. Chloe: "Mommy, say Abre!" Me: "Abre".  Chloe: "Say PL-EASE" Me: "Please".



At first it was really cute. Until they started using it out of context.

Me: "Sophie, put your PJ bottoms on. One foot in..."
Sophie: "Say Abre".
Me: "Abre"
Sophie:"Say PLEASE".
ME: "Please. Now put your other foot in"
Sophie: "Say Abre"
Me: "ABRE!"
Sophie: "Say Please"
Me: "PLEASE!!!! Now put your shirt on."
Sophie: "Say Abre!"
Me: "ABRE!!! PLEASE!!!!"



Quirky little girls. ;) Lots of "Abres and Pleases" going on in the Coates home. {The daily drawings on their tummies are a whole different topic. A suspenseful cliffhanger...}
{***Disclaimer --- Yes my girls look homeless in these pictures. And yes, I let them run around in their underwear all day. They are newly potty trained and pee 12-24 times a day. Makes it lots easier for me. ***}


  1. I'm impressed with the potty training! ugh I'm dreading it but know I need to start soon.

  2. Your girls are just their mommy! I've got to potty train Hannah within the next few months. I may adopt the "only wear underwear" rule too!

  3. As their grandma, I will only accept the 'homeless look' because there are two of them that you are potty training at the same time. I love those girls :) and you :)