Monday, August 10, 2009

I want to be like you

Noah wants to be just like his daddy. Brad feels like Noah's Superhero and he loves every second of it. I hope Noah always looks up to him. It's so sweet.
Well, Noah has picked up on just about everything the two of us do,..the good things,...and well,..the not so good things. Makes us realize how important it is to be good examples to him.
Here are a few examples of how Noah is watching, learning, and following our every move......

*Daddy (Brad) loves to golf. Noah has picked up on this and has to have his golf club set with him EVERYWHERE he goes. In the bathtub, shower, nap time, you name it! The second Brad walks in the door from work, B says "Play golf, Daddy" and heads for the backyard. Brad put a few of his golf clubs under one of the sofas so he could just grab them anytime and play with Noah. The other day I saw a little blue fabric sticking out from under the sofa, I got down and looked underneath. There was Noah's WHOLE golf bag shuved under the sofa...just like daddy's. :) Daddy also puts his clubs in the back of the car for when he plays a round. Now when we go anywhere Noah grabs his little golf bag and brings it to the back of the SUV and makes us put it in before he gets in his car seat. Cute little stinker.

*Noah has little basketball hoop in the house. Whenever he wants to play with it he grabs daddy's basketball shoes and says, "Basketball Shoes On Daddy". Then he runs to his bedroom and grabs his Basketball Shorts and Basketball shoes (Nike Shoes). After they are both completely outfitted according to Noah,...then they can start playing.
*If he isn't saying "Play Golf, Daddy" or "Basketball Shoot", then he is saying "Mow Lawn Daddy". Noah has his own lawn mower that he follows right behind daddy while he mows. If it were up to B our lawn would be mowed everyday! I'm sure the neighbors would be happy. Sometimes Ill find Noah in the backyard all by himself "mowing" the lawn,...just waiting for daddy to come home. There are "track" marks all over the place! Kinda sad,..mostly cute! :)

*I recently had two babies and have had to take care of some "peronsonal womanly business lately" (I KNOW,....TMI). Well, recently I found Noah in my bathroom and he had had unwrapped a maxipad and shoved it down his shorts. Oh boy. I laughed so hard. Good thing I caught it before we went into a public place.
*I have never paid much attention to the words that come out of Brad and my mouth. It has been brought to my attention that I say "Gosh Dang it" alot and Brad says, "Frick". When you hear your baby saying "Frick" and "Gosh Dang" you don't exactly feel like Parent of the Year. We are trying to get him to say "Gosh Dangerous" to distract him. Oh boy. I Hope he doesn't bring his new learned vocabulary to church.

So ya,...some it is good,..some of it is bad. It is the sweetest most humbling experience to see him growing up and growing up to be "just like us". It's making us realize how important it is to be good examples to him. Are we having family prayer? Are we going to the temple? Are we loving eachother enough? What are we truly teaching him?
---We are still learning a lot about parenthood and hope we are doing okay. Hopefully a few speedbumps on our part won't mess him up too much! ;)


  1. I have to tell you that I let my co-workers read your maxi part and we all got a good chuckle out of it!

  2. Ditto, Ditto, DITTO!!! I totally feel your pain. Why do our kids pick up on the craziest things?!

  3. this was the cutes post ever. Loved it. Love how noah stuffed his golf clubs under the couch, too cute. I miss that little boy. Can't wait to see ya!

  4. haha so cute. kids are so smart you really have to watch what you do and say!!

  5. that is the cutest thing ever! i love it when my kids play with tyson....especially mya. she is SUCH a daddy's girl!

  6. That is so sweet! Keep enjoying it bcuz soon they are turning 12 & don't want to have anything to do with you (or maybe that's just us). Thanks for your comment & I got your email so I will be sending you a note. luvs!