Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let me Count the Ways

*6 years
*72 months
*312 weeks
*2190 Days
*52,560 hours
*5 Homes
*3 Cities
*6 Jobs
*4 Cars
*2 Internships
*2 Bachelors Degrees
*40 (?) Fickle Arguments
*Just as many Makeups
*6 Wards
*14 Callings
*25 Hard Months Trying To Get Pregnant
*2 Pregnancys
*3 Beautiful Children
*85 lbs gained { holy schmoly 3 babies)
*70 lbs lost {I'm so000 losing the rest}
*150 (?) Sleepless nights up with babies
*0 Pets
*100 (?) Late night walks and talks
*3 Mckinlay Open Titles {you like that one huh hon!? ;)}
*2 knee surgeries {3 if you count when we were dating}
*2,190 Good Night Kisses {Okay, we were apart a few nights and there were a couple of nights you ticked me off right before bed so,... minus a few! ;)}
*12 (?) Flights to Georgia/Florida and back
*2 Babymoons
*2 wonderful grandparents funerals
*4 Syblings' weddings
*30 (?) Brought home bouqets of flowers
*Many Tears
*Way More Smiles
*Lots and Lots of romantical Date nights
*Millions of Hugs and Kisses
*Countless Memories

Wow. We've been through a lot together. And I cherish every last 3,153,600 minute of it (see honey,..I'm good at math! Check me on it! (Okay, I googled it {i love google} ,..but still....)
I am so grateful for the life we have together. The day I married you was truly the happiest day of my life. The coventants, blessings, and spiritual significance that surround that moment truly makes it my #1 happiest day ever. Every good thing that has come, and that will come, in my life is a direct reflection of that day. In a way it feels like it was just yesterday, but in a way it's hard to remember my life without you. I am one lucky girl to have you as mine. Happy 6th Anniversay! I love you. -Shell


  1. That is seriously one of the sweetest, cutest posts I have ever read! Happy Anniversary!

  2. so so cute.. you guys are a beautiful couple.. and have a gorgeous family! happy anniversary!

  3. Shelley you look so great for just having twins! I think your mother-in-law rocks!!! So so cute. . . the birthday and all the cooking and cleaning! You deserve all the sleep you can get. I also love how the girls sleep on their tummies... PRICELESS!!!

  4. You guys are perfect for each other! Happy Anniversary. And I love your idea of going on a babymoon. We only have a few weeks left!

  5. That is such a cute post - it made me want to go do some math of my own :-) Happy Anniversary!

  6. No fair that you almost have just as many flowers as you have fights!
    Happy Anniversary! Cute post!

  7. Awww such a cute post!! Happy Anniversary!!!