Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ridiculously Annoying or Incredibly Sweet?

Noah has been so "clingy" lately. This debate started in my head last night as I was curled up in a ball inside Noah's crib. I was so frustrated because it was midnight and wanted to be in bed with my husband. He usually sleeps great, but this night he wanted me near. Annoying,..yet as I was curled up in the fetal position in his tiny crib (worried the springs were going to pop) he kept rubbing his face up against mine and it was possibly the sweetest mommy moment ever. When ever I tried to "sneak out" he would nudge closer. Melted my heart.....

So here are the pro's and con's to "clinginess".

-Can't get anything done! Dinner, shower, cleaning,..you name it. Impossible!
-By the end of the day I feel like I was overwhelmingly busy but got nothing done (to show for).
-It's hard to leave him with other people, ESPECIALLY the gym daycare people. :(
-When he cries when I come back to get him (like I abondoned him).
-Takes husband/wife time away :( This is the worst one.

-You feel like the most important person in the world.
-Great excuse for cuddling up with baby for a afternoon nap.
-It only lasts a few short years and then they can't get far enough away from you.
-Family time with mommy, daddy, and baby is the best! When he's getting attention from both of us we are ALL ear to ear grins and giggles.
-The hugs when I finally give in to holding him close are the best! His grasp is so tight!
-It an awesome feeling when someone you don't particularly care for has him and he reaches for you like you are his saviour. (That's a horribly smug one isn't it!?) :)
-When the crying subsides, you know you are the one that gently calmed their fears.
-Simply,...No one else will do (maybe daddy)! ;)

So obviously the pros out way the cons. Just had to remind myself. :)

Feel free to add to my list....


  1. haha my friend Taryn asked me if I had ever gotten into Elle's crib to sleep with her. I laughed so hard. I thought she was kidding, but I guess more moms do it than I thought:) love ya

  2. Seriously, i was tempted so many times to get into Hayden's crib but i didn't. That is sooo funny!

    And ya, I totally understand your debate. But even though we have a million things to do isn't it just so sweet when they pull their 'I'm incredibly cute and want to snuggle with mommy' tactic.

  3. CALL ME!!! shelley...i need your phone number!! we are driving to boise tonight and we were wondering if you guys will be home. i can't find your number. call me 678-464-8369

  4. FUNNY!!! Must feel good to be able to actually fit in the crib. It would so break if I tried. I did use to lay in Ginny's toddler bed with her.

  5. I know what you mean about not getting anything done. Sometimes I have to remind myself that nothing is as important as Tyler knowing that I love him more than anything else. I'm impressed you can get inside Noah's crib, I truly thing the springs would break on Tyler's!

  6. LOL I love reading your blogs! I can not beleive that you were in town AGAIN and STILL have not called or come by....I am feeling a wee bit slighted!

    I wanted you to know that I pay for gym daycare and STILL can not bring myself to leave my kids there!

    Love ya!

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  8. oops..I put www.your-story1@hotmail.com and I ment to put www.your-story1.blogspot.com :) sorry!!!

  9. Hey Shelley I am glad you went "blog stalking" (that's funny, I think we all do it!) you have a cute family. But I totally know how you feel about being busy all day and you feel like you have nothing to show for it. But it's all worth it, those precious moments when they just look at you and you melt. I was up till 2 a.m. last night because I didn't want to put my baby boy down he was cuddled up to me and all was perfect! - Take care and enjoy the sweet moments.

  10. I would have to say incredibly sweet! I too have crawled into the crib with Bowen :) Trying to get him settled on a night he really would have rather stayed up and played. Just when I thought he was calmed down and sleeping, i tried to get up to go join Tim in our bed, and Bowen jumped up and said "mom, lay, lay" was too cute! I don't blame ya for crawlin in with your little babe :)

  11. Shelley- thanks for the sweet comment. Nice to know Im not the only mother that can't seem to find clothes big enough for her infant. Your little Noah is such a cutie pie! Totally agreed on the nothing better than mac'ing on those chubby thighs comment. Chubby babies really are the best!