Sunday, May 4, 2008

The great outdoors!

Yay! My flowers have finally bloomed and it is gorgeous outside! Spring is so so so nice!
We've been spending a lot of time outside lately! Noah has been exploring the great outdoors! He doesn't quite know what to think about that green fuzzy "Grass stuff". Ha! He lifts up all fours when we put him on it and whines until we pick him up. Anyways, he LOVES it outside. Whenever I bring him in from being out, he screams.

We went to Settler's park (best park around) and had a picnic with Noah's girlfriend Hali! :) It was so fun to play in the park!

He is a crawling maniack too!!! I never knew how much work moving babies are! Whew! I thought I couldn't get anything done before he was crawling, all I do all day is chase him around and make sure he isn't into something he should be. Of course when he sees me doing something even semi-productive, he crawls right over to me and pulls himself up on my leg and begs until I stop. Noah definetly thinks he is the most important thing around! And he is! :)

Noah's hair is finally long enough we can do it (sorta). He has got some awkward baby stragglers that are longer than the rest, but still super cute.

When Daddy comes home from work Noah gets so excited! I love seeing them play together. Brad turns into a dork and I love it! :)

My child has discovered that he has the highest squeal of any baby around. You think your baby has a higher squeal? BRING IT! ;) This is something he is obviously very proud of because he shows it off OFTEN,...TOO OFTEN. It's quite embarassing, but it is SO hard to discipline him because he is usually squealing of joy. I guess all we can do is wait it out,...but come on! Sooner than later PLEASE! :) Any Suggestions?

Lastly, my BFF ;) Amberlie moved away from Boise this last week. So so sad. I know that it's best for them though (just not best for me)! I will miss you so much girlie! You owe me a phone call at least once a week.

Time next time,...Shell

P.S. I rounded up some pictures from when my camera was broke. I've added a few to my older posts without pics. Feel free to take a peek! :)


  1. Shelley thoses are some cute pictures. I will get some pictures I promise. Avery loves being outside to we should set a play date!

  2. omg, noah is getting so big. He is so cute. I love his big blue eyes. Amy said she saw your blog and said how cute noah is too. I was too proud:) lol. Hope to see ya soon. love ya

  3. Cute pictures! I love how springy it looks at your house. Noah is cuter than ever. Glad you are enjoying the great weather and your little man!