Monday, April 21, 2008

Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians...

So this past week Brad and I went over to Blackfoot to help out with my parents home they are building. I have done all of the design work for the kitchen so it is REALLY exciting to see it all come together! My installer from Boise came over to do the installation so I was there mostly to supervise and answer questions. My dad said all week long, "We have WAY to many chiefs and not enough Indians!" But HEY,..I resent that,...I put in A LOT OF PAINT TIME! ;)

OH!! Which leads me to my next topic......

So, I've decided paint is one of the most frustrating things ever! Trying to pick a color from a 1" x 1" sample is just not possible! Put it on a wall and it looks completely different! I know,..I am an interior designer,...but give me a break! There are about a BJILLION to choose from! Give me a computer to draft on, finish samples to choose from, but PAINT?! FRUSTRATING! I chose the main paint color for the house,...well it was too dark,...then my mom chose a lighter paint color that we painted ALL the walls and it was too pinky yellow,...finally we coose the perfect one (3rd try is a charm). We put a lot of man hours into painting 3 different colors though! Funny, funny. Lesson learned, a quart and paint a big area before committing.
Anyways,Brad helped my dad install the hardwood floor (thanks babe) and then headed back to Boise. Noah and I stayed the rest of the week and flew back on Friday. It was fun to be in SE Idaho for that long, but I missed my hubby! We are glad to be home! :)

My Camera came!!! YAY! But I need a new memory card so still no pictures. This week for sure! I did take some with my mom's camera of the progress of the house. Ill post them as soon as I can get my hands on them. Their kitchen is going to be gorgeous! It's my dream kitchen! Fortunately Ill get to enjoy it a little! Ill live vicariously through them until I can build my dream home. ;)


  1. I hear you about paint samples! I even bought little samples to paint 2'x2' squares on the wall and when we painted the whole room, it looked different. Choosing paint is the worst!

  2. you are soooo awesome! what a great talent you have...i know i haven't seen any of you work, but i KNOW you rock!

  3. I want you to do my whole house when I can build my dream home :) I am excited to see you and noee today! It seems like forever....we need to post some more recipes, huh.

  4. I totally agree about paint. Every wall we've painted I thought would turn out differently than it did. Luckily, I'm easy to please so I still liked the end result. Have I mentioned that I'm going to hold you to it to come down to BYU?

  5. I know your pain! I'm a paint freak! And I have the hardest time seeing the colors that are going to come through, until I have painted, and let it set over night. Then in the morning I end up hating it and I start all over! My mom is an Interior Decorator and she even gets frustrated!

  6. Hey Shelley! How are you doing? Your little Noah is such a cutie!!! I love all the pics that you had taken of him.... Your blog is so cute! I am glad that you found me and said hello. How do you like Boise??? Anyhow, looks like you are doing well. Interior design is so much fun (but so much work)..... Keep in touch!!!