Friday, November 2, 2007

Pro Travelers

This past weekend was a crazy one! We left on Thursday to Orlando, FL for Brad's sister's wedding. We arrived in Orlando at 5:00 pm and had to be at the temple for Lori's endowment session by 7:00. Whew. After all of that flying with Noah,...I have a whole new respect for people with children on planes. All in all, he did well,...but by landing time he was grumpy and ready to get off the plane. People kept giving us looks like, "Make your baby stop crying"! Heck,...WE WERE TRYING!!! Anyways, kinda stressful. Thank goodness for the baby bjorn!

We meet up with Brad's family after the endowment session and met Lori's Fiance Steve. We all went to TGIFridays and back to the hotel.

The next day we went with all of the extended family to Josies Pizza and Wings for a Wedding Lunch. Dianne (Brad's mom,...Neenie) had all of the boys in matching outfits. Too cute! :) Then of course,...the wedding sealing in the Orlando Temple that night. I love going to temple sealings. The spirit is always so strong and it is a great reminder of the promises and blessings from my own sealing. We are so lucky to have temples! ---Not to mention the Orlando temple is breathtakingly gorgeous!!

After the sealing we went to dinner at some Mexican resturuant that had amazing entertainment! Felt like I was darn near in Mexico!

After that we hopped in the car and drove all the way to St. Augustine, Fl to see my Bro and his wife Zac and Nicolette. We didn't get in until almost midnight and had to leave the next morning to head to Georgia for the wedding reception, but we made the most of our "precious" time together! We stayed up talking until 3 am and then drove around St. Augustine the next morning. We finished it off with a trip to Crispers that had killer pumpkin shakes!

Noah peed on Uncle Zac's leather sofa! Ha! You should have seen the fire in Zac's eyes. He is becoming more and more like Brad with the things he owns. It wiped right off,..but too funny.

We miss them being so far away!! All well, us a good excuse to head to Florida and relax on the BEACH! :)

We drove several hours to Brad's hometown Tifton and had the reception that night. Again the boys were in matching little jumper outfits!

Next day, Sunday,...went to church. We all went to the park for lunch afterwards. Finally,...we headed back to Orlando to catch our flight at 6:00 AM Monday morning. Whew!!!! Just call us expert world travelers! ---And DANG,...never knew our packing/luggage would TRIPLE in size with a baby! High maintenence! ;) Needless to say, we've been exhausted and trying to catch up the rest of this week.

But of course,....we had to take some cute Halloween pictures! Brad and I carved pumpkins together and Noah (Peapod) had a few of his friends come visit him on Halloween. :) Fun Holiday! Speaking of which,...I need to be on the look out for costumes for next year! I always procrastinate and have the LAMEST costume for myself. Watch out, year, it'll be good! ;) Happy Halloween!


  1. how fun, but what an adventure! noah is so adorable in his costume and his cute matching outfits with the cousins! and 4 months already, wow...time flies! hope you're doing well!

  2. What a sweet little family you have! Noah is so cute, especially in his little costume!! And you are such a cute little Mom, isn't being a Mom so worth it, sometimes its crazy busy, but its the greatest thing in the world!

  3. Shelly, Noah is so cute and you look great. I cant believe we havent gotten together yet. I think we live a few miles away from each other and our boys are about the same age. I'm sure glad I found you through megan. We should get together for lunch sometime!

  4. Hey I'm so sad I didnt see your post about sunday until today. I've been checking my blog to see if you replied but I didnt scroll down far enough. Any way my bad I stored your number in my phone. I'll call you today, your probably not up yet. Hopefully your not already gone for the holiday!

  5. hey. i'm jealous you were in warm Florida!! i am actually in georiga now, but not as warm as florida i'm sure. i flew BY MYSELF with the 2 kids here. actually went pretty good! it's a whole different experience when you travel with kids huh??