Monday, October 22, 2007

Fake Halloween

So to begin my weekly SHRINE to Noah,...Look at this adorable picture! Oh I can't get enough of him!!!!
So Kara and I really wanted to get Noah and Elle (his cousin) ogether for Halloween, but it just wasn't going to work out with our crazy schedules,,...we improvised! HAPPY FAKE HALLOWEEN! :) Elle dressed up in her chicken outfit and Noah in his peapod outfit! I love the little balls on his outfit that are about the same size as his head! :) TOO CUTE!

So some of my family came to visit this past weekend! I admit I have been homesick for them lately! It is so nice to have family come visit! I've decided a 4 hour drive is a little too far! Hopefully someday we will all live closer. Anyways,...Mom, Dad, Kara, James, Elle, and Megan came! Noah got lots and lots of love!
On Saturday we all went to the Mall (Macy's One Day Sale ---The Best!), then came home for Pizza, followed by a trip to Cracker Barrell for dessert. Yumm!

Brad, James, and my Dad played on the Wii! Here is a funny picture of them boxing eachother! HA! Sunday Noah and Elle got all dressed up for Church and we took some adorable pictures of them. Elle has an obsession with Noah's head! Ha! She is always touching it! Funny girl.
Grandma McKinlay (McMa) brought some new fun toys for Noah! A jumpy bouncer that he hasn't quite figured out yet! ;) He just hangs in it and keeps his legs as stiff as toothpicks! Humm,..toothpicks and Noah's legs doesn't seem like the right comparison, about "as stiff as bricks!" ;) My mom also brought him a gym toy that he HAS figured out! He loves to hit the little objects that make the songs turn on! Yay Noah!We've been spending a lot of time with our good friends the Leavitts, Amberlie and Drew. They have two little boys Crew and Will. Crew is just a few months older than Noah! Will is the smartest two year old I have ever met. Brad has a lot of fun teasing him!

Lastly, some Naked Photos to make you smile! :) Priceless.......

The End!


  1. what a STUD MUFFIN! those pictures are so adorable! looks like you guys are busy having lots of fun! he and his cousin kind of look like they can be brother/sister. cute! and i love his costume! and last but not least, his little muffin buns!

  2. It's so fun to see all those pictures on your blog. We had such fun coming over to see Noah...and you and Brad, too! Elle and Noah were so cute in their halloween outfits! Dad and I love you guys so much. Keep blogging. (Mom McKinlay)

  3. Cute pictures! Noah makes a very cute pea pod!