Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Counting Blessings

I know this sounds so incredibly cheezy, but at this time of year I always get SAPPY thankful. REALLY! I am so so blessed and sometimes I fail to recognize it. I have always been blessed, but I have been especially blessed this past year. After many many prayers, I was finally given the gift of motherhood. Noah is truly my joy. On top of that I have the most incredible husband! On top of that I have about a BIJILLION other blessings. I am one lucky lady. Okay, Okay,...enough SAP.

So whats new with us?

Last weekend we went to Idaho Falls and stayed with Justin and Tessa. I helped judge a kitchen design competition at BYU-Idaho. We were looking forward to a nice weekend with family but ended up with the HIGHLY contagious family plauge! We have an awful 24 hour stomach flu. YUCK! It is hard being a mom when sick. I felt super bad that I couldn't tend to Noah like I wanted too. Luckily I had family around to help. So,..EVERYONE in my family eventually got the flu,...everyone except Noah. Whew! We had to extend our trip a day because we couldn't muster up the energy to drive home Sunday. I hate being truly sick! Fake sick,..ANY DAY! I love those lazy days! ;) But REAL sick,....YUCK~ YUCK~ YUCK!

So Noah has been doing some incredibly cute stuff lately! OF COURSE! :) It seems like his cute little habits change with the weeks. I have to write them down before they change and I forget them. Most recently he has learned to blow bubbles and make sounds with his lips while doing it. He also does a totally FAKE cough trying to get attention.

So the holiday season is OFFICIALLY here! I woke up to snow this morning. I LOVE the first snow! It is always such a fun suprise. :) Off to Blackfoot/Idahofalls for Thanksgiving....

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  1. I love all the pictures of you little guy! Yes, motherood is the best! I know this is totally cheesy but isn't it crazy how much you love that little baby more than you ever thought possible?! We have to get together, I will call you - I am thinking you are still in blackfoot for thanksgiving so maybe next week we can plan something.