Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tradition, Tradition!

We had a MUCH NEEDED 4 day vacation this past week celebrating Thanksgiving. We stayed and Justin and Tessa's most of the time. The family "pad" is officially Justin and Tessa's until the new McKinlay home is done in Blackfoot.

We got there late Wednesday night just relaxed and talked.

Thursday was the big celebration!! There was so much food! Everyone in the family was there except Zac and Nicolette. :( They'll be here for Christmas though! Yay! -Dad made "Hank, the Thanksgiving Turk". HA! Too funny. Dad gave his shpill about what Thanksgiving is all about. Then we all took feathers and wrote what we are thankful for and stuck them on Hank. He was naked at first, and look at him now! WE all had so much to be thankful for! :)

We took our first "Thanksgiving Nap" with Noah! You ALWAYS have to nap after all of that turkey! It's tradition! :)

Okay,...So we MIGHT have been faking it in this picture! ;) But we really did fall asleep right after the picture! :)

The McKinlay cousins came over for Thanksgiving dessert and afterwords we all went to the annual (traditional) "after Thanksgiving" Movie. We saw August Rush. It was a great movie about the "music" in us all.

The next day (Friday) we had some family pictures taken in Blackfoot for our Christmas cards,......Can you hardly stand the ANTICIPATION?!! :)

Later that night we headed to LAVA HOT SPRINGS! Our family always goes there at least once a year to relax! It was the first time Noah had been in anything like it! We were EXTRA careful with him,...but he had fun! Elle loved it too! We will definetly be back. Then of course we all had pizza afterwords (TRADITION, TRADITION).

Saturday we helped Justin and Tess put up their Christmas Tree! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It's my very favorite time of year. People just seem to be in a better mood. It's full of fun, family, memories, and of course,....TRADITION!

Later that night . My parents watched Noah while Brad and I went on a MUCH needed "alone time" date.

The weekend was wonderful minus the fact that Noah sleeps HORRIBLY when we're away from home. ---Time to put up OUR Christmas tree! :)

Elle and Shell


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  2. I love the new cute! You have got quite an adorable baby!! (:

  3. Hey Shelley! I love your pics! Noah is so adorable! I need your address for Christmas cards! Email me at

  4. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Noah is a cutie and getting bigger everyday!