Sunday, September 30, 2007

McMa Visit

Grammy McKinlay (my mom) came to visit this last week. I think she should be called "McMa", but we'll see what Noah and Elle say first. It was so nice to have her here. I actually got to shower every day!! I've realized how hard it is to be away from my family since Noah's been born. I feel like they are missing out on him growing up! :( Plus the extra help is always nice too. Hopefully someday we'll ALL live super close, but until then....visits will have to do.

Noah has been doing some fun things lately. He'll talk and "goo and gahh" as long as we are talking back. He puckers up his lips so cute when he makes his little sounds. His smiles are so contagious and every day I fall more in love with this little boy. -He has been sucking on his bottom lip like crazy! Just like his Uncle Justin! Hopefully he doesn't get that "sucking rash" like Justin though. -He also played with his first toy this week! Aunt Kara got him a giraffe for his car seat. I thought he was sleeping in it until all of a sudden I heard a rattle. Then a rattle again. I walked out to see what the noise was and Noah was swatting away with his new found toy! YAY! First step to self-entertainment! It was too cute.

Noah loves to do everything with his dad. And Brad loves to do everything with Noah. Baths, Music, BabyBjorn time (Noah falls asleep like a limp bunny), Matching ties, etc. etc. I feel so blessed when I see them like this together. :)


I know, I am picture happy. I can't help SNAPPING away all week! I can't figure out how to organize these dang pictures though! Take what you get! ;) Until next week,.....


  1. Noah has the sweetest face! And I love all the cute clothes you put him in:)

  2. Yeah, I was waiting for your next blog! He is so cute! I cannot wait to see him whn we all meet up in FL. Take Care!

  3. oh my gosh!! noah is so sticken cute! hopefully we get to see you guys soon. call us if you're ever down this way!