Friday, September 21, 2007


So Noah had is 2 month appointment this past week (he was really closer to 2 1/2 months). He weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs 12 oz, which put him in the 95% for weight! He was 24" tall (85%) and his head was in the 75%. Brad was happy about the head measurement because he was worried Noah would get his "peanut head"! HA! :) I love his baby chukiness! He is so squeezable and kissable!

So we have been trying SO HARD to get Noah to laugh for us. If only we could see ourselves. Noah must think we are freaks! :) I can only imagine his thoughts, "How did I get stuck with these guys?!" :) Luck of the draw Noah, luck of the draw. :) Anyways, I had some music on and I started dancing with Noah the other night. He thought it was pretty funny. We heard a little giggle, Brad ran in and started singing "drop it like it's hot" and dancing with crazy faces too. Our little family looked crazy gettin' down,...but Noah laughed more than we have ever heard him! It was too cute! Fun times, fun times.

"MOM, 70 degrees REALLY isn't THAT COLD!"


  1. You are just like me! I bundle him up when it hits 75 degress. I cannot wait to see him.

  2. Such a cutie... I love that you have a blog!

  3. I didn't know you had a blog! Noah is soooooo adorable!!!! Too bad Brett didn't get the job in Boise, it would have been so fun to hang out! Our blog is