Monday, January 14, 2013

The Last Year of My Twenties

As I often remind Brad, I am STILL in my twenties. Then he reminds me, "You are closer to thirty than twenty". Then I quickly respond, "But I'm STILL in my twenties". ;)

I'm 29. How did that happen? The last decade of my life has flown by all too quickly. I literally feel like it was yesterday that I was a freshman in college: flirting with Brad, falling in love, getting married. The big 3-0 is creeping up and I fully intend to enjoy the last year of my twenties. The thing I am most grateful that this last decade has given me is this:
I am sure lucky to have this sweet little family to call mine. 

Here is to my last year in my twenties.
I have a little bucket list that I will hopefully add to this post soon. The top of that bucket list: 10 year anniversary vacation with hubby. Really,...where did these last 10 years go?! 

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  1. You guys are too cute--I miss having you here in South Bend! Happy Birthday cute lady! :)