Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Is the Prophet talking to ME?!"

I love watching conference from the comfy cozy of our own home. Snuggled on the sofa with blankets, the sound of General Authorities voices lulliing you in and out of sleep {Don't lie. You totally do it too}. ;) Anyways,...This is the first year our little family hasn't lived in the WEST, so conference isn't televised here. We pushed our sofa in front of our computer and streamed it online. Noah is used to i-chatting with grandma and grandpa, so when the prophet started speaking, in full size through our computer, Noah thought he was talking straight to him. He popped his head in the view of the webcam and say "Hi Prophet". Then he said to me, "Mommy, is the Prophet talking to ME?" Ha. Cute boy.


We got talking about temples. {Noah recently decided him and Adalie were going to get married. They decided this on the playground. He assured me they were just pretending}. So today I asked Noah, are you going to get married in the temple someday? Or at the playground? Or in a zoo? He responded immediately, "No silly. I am going to get married at Old McDonalds". {hee, hee,... he calls McDonalds "Old McDonalds" every time we drive by.} Gosh I love the things he says.

I have always wanted to make some conference traditions. Conference is an opportunity to cozy up with your family, hear amazing spiritual talks, AND make sweet memories. I love it. The past few years I have attempted the tradition of making cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning. Gosh they are good. Ya, ya,... my diet starts tomorrow,... on MONDAY,.. again... ;)


  1. ADORABLE. I think your little Noah might just grow up to be a great public speaker. He has a great wit for such a little guy! Im with you - conference traditions are great. If for nothing else that enjoying some quality down time in your Pjs whilst eating too much sugar :)

  2. Oh that Noah is pretty hilarious! Conference is great, wish my kids had just a little bit of interest in it... Hopefully he does change his mind someday about the whole getting married at McDonald's :) btw- I think one of your children may have called me the other day, too funny!

  3. Noah cracks me up, and Dallin loves checking your blog for pictures of Noah. He is constantly asking me when he will get to play with Noah again. Apparently the distance is hard for him to grasp because he thinks it would be ok for us to just drive over to see you. When I told him no he wanted to know if maybe we should just move to wherever Noah was so they could live by each other again!!

  4. Keeley calls McDonalds Old McDonalds as well. Love it!