Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cartoon Dreams?

Brad must think something is extra funny in dream world lately because he wakes me up from a cold sleep hysterically laughing,.... not his normal laugh,...but a high pitched giggle almost! :) I always ask him whats so funny and never get a response. He must be having a good time in dream land. Makes me smile. Love that Man. :) Anyone else have a talker or a giggler in bed?!


  1. Steve talks in his sleep quite often. I so look forward to the times he does. I actually write it down so I can tell him the next morning. It is always funny! After all, isn't this why we got married? :)

  2. That's too funny! Tim talks in his sleep all the time!! He never believes me though! How are ya these days?

  3. hey...have you gotten your car seats and stuff yet?? if you want any chicco products i get them for wholesale prices...let me know!!!