Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"I Hewp"

"I Hewp"!
...Is what I hear appx. 75-100 times a day. It has got to be the sweetest, most annoying thing ever! ;) Noah wants to help his mommy and daddy with EVERYTHING we do. He either pushes up a kitchen chair to the counter or carries a little stool around the house to reach a level where he can constantly help pour, stir, dust, you name it,...he wants to help. Oh I love this boy. Here are a few pictures of him in action.

(Yes we are one of "those parents" who leave him in a white onesie all day long when he is at home! ;)) Noah B is not a little baby anymore. He is constantly communicating with us and it amazes me. His vocabulary gets bigger and bigger every day. I started compiling a list but then I realized it would be much too long. (Can you tell I am a proud Mommy). These are a few of my current favorites:

-"I stuck" (Funny boy seems to get stuck a lot)
-"Siwwee Boy" Silly Boy! (He says this when he thinks he is being funny)
-"Hurt Chew" Hurt You! (He says this to scissors, the stove, anything that is a no no to touch! :))
-"It's a horse"..."It's a Puppy" (he puts "It's A" in front of just about everything)
-"Baff" Bath or Shower (he loves his showers and baths with Daddy)
-"Daddy home" vs "Daddy work"
Yogurt (love that one)
-"ON" (usually when he wants music on)
-"Gen!" Again! (usually after a song ends and he wants to hear it again! :))
-"Baby Shishters" Baby Sisters (he points to my sweet)
-"Puppy Scout" or "Scout Puppy" (My Parents Puppy)
-"Bapa" and "Maw Maw" (not to be confused with Mama).
-"Nee Nee" and "Pop-SSSSSSSS"
-"Hawee" Halle (his girlfriend)
-"Puppy Towow" Puppy Towel (When he is ready to get out of the Bath or Shower! Thanks Nee Nee)
-"Mess!" (When he sees a mess or more commonly,..when he is a mess)
-"Horse", ..."JAFF" Giraff, ...then "Wamb" Lamb. These are his lovies that he MUST have before going to bed. His Valentines Horse, his Giraff Blanket (which was mine as a baby), and his Lamb.
-"Ni Night....UUUUU!" Night, Night, Love you! (Makes the hard days oh so worth it).

Aww quit growing up my little baby boy! Just jotting these down melts my heart. I love you to the moon and back buddy!


  1. I can't believe how good that boy can talk!! I love the baby sisters one!

  2. how cute!
    ps-what are you guys making?! that looks so good!

  3. It seemed like once Tyler was 18 months, his vocabulary just exploded. That is so great he wants to help...start them when they are young!

  4. Nice, are you trying to make me feel bad that all Deakan says is "No" and "Mine"? Seriously quit bragging already!! JK He is seriously sooooo CUTE! I cant wait for the baby shower...

  5. Oh, you can't help but love him! He is seriously the smartest little boy! Let him help (as a matter of fact, it's probably time to make a chore chart!) They feel so important when they can help. Love it!

  6. How sweet! He looks like quite the little,(BIG) helper. Ok, I want to know what that yummy berry stuff is!!!!!

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  8. Shelly, What a beautiful family you have. Thank you for your interest in my photography and for leaving your comment. Twins what an exciting and busy time in your life! :) Super mom! At this time I have all I need for my portfolio. Though if you are interested I will do it for $150.00. Normally I charge $200.00. Which includes location of you choice. (Since I am do not have a studio), Multiple outfits, and a CD of retouched portraits (Color & Black and White). Please contact me either by phone or email., 559-0577

  9. That is the sweetest little list! What a smart little guy! I bet he will seem even more grown up when the sisters arrive!

  10. Shelley we are back, and I am dying to see your belly. I also want to get on the coupon bandwagon but am a little nervous. You will have to help me. I agree with the others. That berry thing looks delicious what is it.

  11. So cute, and wow he sure can say a lot of words! There are times when I still don't have a clue what Bowen is talkin' about :) How are those baby girls??

  12. Maggie has started doing the same thing! Something that would normally take me a couple minutes, now takes me an hour with her "hewping" me... although it has made me step back and appreciate the small little simple things I do from day to day. Hopefully your feeling good- you look amazing!

  13. Just wait.. you will be thankful for any help you can get once the twins come! :)

  14. That is seriously the cutest age when they start talking in their cute little voices and showing some major personality. Noah is stinkin adorable!!!! My personal favorite phrase was the little sister one where he points to your belly, so sweet.
    You guys have the cutest blog and I absolutely love your header with your family picture, gorgeous family!

  15. Funny boy! Is that the cake mix fruit thing we ate at my inlaws? I love that stuff!

    By the way, you have a million friends on this blog. I don't think I even know that many people. You are so popular and I'm kinda jealous :)!!

  16. I love those little childish remarks! What a cute little boy you have!! Congrats on the twins. Boy, you've got your work cut out for you! But knowing you, you will be just fine! I'm excited to see pictures!!

  17. I just got a CREEPY message on my blog so I immediatly went private! email me if you want in.