Saturday, February 28, 2009

Month of LOVE!

February snuck by me! I've been meaning to blog about a few seperate things, but now it's going to have to be meshed into one big MESS of a blog. So here it goes...let me warn you, it is long and will probably bore you if you aren't a doting grandparent! ;)

We have the tradition of going to the temple and doing sealings with a few of our close friends each February. It is a wonderful reminder of the covenants we made to our sweethearts. Perfect Valentines tradition. Unfortunately we missed the session because Brad was late returning from a boyscout campout,..but we made it for the party afterwards,...FONDUE! :)
Then of course Valentines! :) Brad brought me home calalilys, ballons, and an indoor plant I have been wanting for awhile. Brad is always the best Valentine! {I'm so glad your mine hon}! --Noah B was spoiled with love too. He loved his candy necklaces and his FAVORITE new "lovie" a HORSE (duh).
Valentines weekend we meet up with my Mom, Dad, Justin, and Tessa and stayed in a condo as a family. We of course went to Desparatos for dinner, the Chocolate Foundry for fudge, and were lazy lazy lazy!Noah LOVED playing the big warm pool with his Daddy and Bapa! He even loved being "dunked". He would come up laughing and say "Gen" (again) over and over! Silly Boy! (The swimming pictures really REALLY melt my heart, I had to include several).
We decided to stay an extra night and finish up our "babymoon" (we started in McCall). My wonderful parents took Noah back to Blackfoot for a night and Brad and I stayed at the SunValley Lodge (MY FAVORITE, feels a bit too luxurious for me and I love every second of it). We ate at the fancy lodge dining room for their famous Sunday Brunch buffet. SunValley is one of my very favorite "get-a-way" spots. Thanks for taking me there for the second half of our babymoon Brad. I love you, you are quite the romantical man! I have so many cherished memories over the years in SunValley.
Hows that for a ridiculously long post?! What a great month for LOVE! :)


  1. How fun that you were able to relax and enjoy your family all month! You seriously look fantastic for having twins on the way. How are you feeling?

  2. oh my goodness your spoiled!!! im just jealous, my husband is not the romantic type and its hard. oh well you lucky little girl you soooo deserve it!!!

  3. I AM the doting grandmother, and I LOVED your ridiculously long post, and every single photo! It was so fun to have you in Sun Valley with us. My fav pics were those of Noah in the swimming pool. I just want Noah to remember that it was me, his Mawmaw that dunked him FIRST - to everyone's horror and surprise. It was hilarious that he came up laughing and wanted to do it again and again! I just wish we had a camera when I was playing with him in the pool.

  4. Wowza! I've been waiting for an update for awhile. We were soooo jealous of you all at SunValley, but we'll be back soon enough. Zac said to tell Brad he looks like a fruit in the white bathrobe. But I think it's cute how you two do such romantic things together. Zac needs to take a lesson!

  5. Loved all those pics! Noah is so cute! Looks like you had fun in Sun Valley! Remember when the twins get a bit older that if your mom can handle watching them all, still take little trips w/ Brad! It really helps, especially w/ twinners!! Ha! You always miss them so much,but it's nice to spend time w/ each other still to! :) Trust me! How are you feeling still?

  6. are you even pregnant? you are so teeny-tiny! it looks like it was such a fun month! i'm glad you're back in the blogging world :)