Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

This past week we had the official "3rd Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Feast" with several of our friends. This much anticipated event was started by the Grishams and the same 5 couples have participated the past 3 years. Each of the couples bring three things to share and we STRETCH our bellys in preperation for the real deal the next week! :) I think we all should celebrate with a Pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. Let's all submit a petition to the calendar makers! :) Carley made fancy shmancy Creme Brule! Impressive and oh sooo good! :)
This is my masterpiece! Can you tell I'm proud of it? :)

Thanks for such a fun night guys! :) Happy Pre-Thanksgiving!


  1. Cute idea! All the food made my taste buds water

  2. I really did want a family picture christmas card this year, but I seen to be having some problems getting them done. ;)

  3. Such a cute idea! I would love to this with my friends. . . maybe we'll try it next year! On Wednesday all the girls are going to get together and make pies at my friends house. It is sooo fun to just have girl time!

  4. it sure was fun! i still feel full! your pie is beautiful, too.
    thanks for hosting. hope you feel better now,
    call me, you have my number, right?

  5. We have a Thanksgiving Eve dinner of Ham and Tyler's Cheesy Potatoes (they are famous). We had two families over tonight and had a blast. The kids talked the moms into a Wii Olympics challenge-which I won, SHOCK - and then we challenged the dads. Lots of fun and laughter! These are the memories we will always treasure.