Saturday, August 23, 2008

On My Honor...

Brad is the ward ScoutMaster and isn't he a cute one!? I've always liked a man in uniform. ;) Last night Brad went on another campout with the 12-13 year old boys. Brad isn't exactly the "camping" type of guy, so I am dedicating this post to him! I know how much the boys appreciate his efforts (although they may not show it very well). Callings can be difficult sometimes *VENT* but I know how important it is for each and every one of us to fulfill our part. Look on the bright side...Aren't you glad you aren't the Bishop? :)


  1. you want some good books...huh? I haven't really read very much this summer..(except for the Twilight books) but here are a some I've read from a few months back:
    -Have your read any Shannon Hale books? Princess Academy and The Goose Girl are both good. Read Goose Girl first though.
    -The Secret Life of Bees By Sue Monk Kidd.
    -A long Way Home...Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. By, Ishmeal Beah Its fast paced, emotional, intense, and moving. I would recommend this book to anyone. It really makes you want to get involved after you finish reading it.
    -Life of Pi By Yann Martel GREAT!
    -These is my words by Nancy Turner
    A little frustrating in the beginning but is well worth it in the end!
    Hopefully that helps some!

  2. Jake does modern day camping as the scouts sleep in tents,he is the van with air conditioning, movie, and pizza. The boys love him though. Also, thank you for sharing your plane ticket finds.

  3. What a handsome scout leader your ward has! I bet the beehive's are just swooning over him!

  4. Haha! Matt just called as the scout master in our ward as well. Actually he got called as the assistant but the scout master is military and is at training and then will leave on a tour. So Brad and Matt can "enjoy" their calling together.

  5. Brad is such a hottie! Now we know he has something in common with our dog - SCOUT -. (Kmacdrum says Bradford, Smile when you salute.) We love having him in the McFam.

  6. Shelley it is so good to see your cute little family! What a cute little guy you have! I have never seen him!! I'm glad to see your joining the ranks with a boy! I've almost got 3!! Sari

  7. ha, shelley...every time I come to your blog and I see brad there with his hand up saying "on my honor" I can only think of funny things. like "on my honor I didn't fart" or "on my honor I like shelley's cooking" ...stuff like that (not that he wouldn't like your cooking because its always delicious)....funny though.