Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring FEVER!

We have been noticing the FIRST signs of spring around here! We may be a little premature in celebrating by going on our "first walk",..but it was so refreshing!!

Noah LOVES to be outside! Whenever he is on the couch he looks outside like "Mommy...please get me out of here!"

Yes, I am pathetic (just like you Tamra) and took a picture of my buds poking through the dirt!! Winter's almost over!! YAY!!

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to Blog about next week! :) Until then....


  1. I love the picture of Noah on the couch. It makes me smile:) He is going to love being outside this summer. Have you thought about getting any outside toys for him? I think I might get Elle a slide and a pool!

  2. Hey Shelley- Noah is the cutest little boy! We are really wanting to be able to go outside too! Mostly so Bowen will stop getting into stuff :)

  3. man.... we are still piled under feet of snow. you lucky thing. noah is so dang cute. i am loving his chunky legs!

  4. Oh, I had so much fun watching Noah last night! It was so cute when we sat on the couch and waited for you guys to get home, he acted like he really knew what was about to happen! He is a sweetie.

  5. how fun! you guys are too cute {i think i say that each time i leave a comment...but it's true!}
    it's almost feeling like summer here on some days!

  6. cute cute cute!
    so much fun having your first baby! keep enjoying it.
    can't believe you guys had a fondue party without us, so what if i was in labor or something. we would've come anyway! :)

  7. I want to go outside too! I can't wait to start playing outside with the kids a little more. I did the tag on Kynlee but I forgot to tag someone else....Oh well!

    Are you coming for Easter?

  8. SO CUTE!! Noah is the cutest little boy ever, I know I say this every time but I just love looking at your pictures! I have horrible spring fever also! I cant wait to move to VEgas to have to the sun all the time! Hope all is well! Love ya