Friday, March 7, 2008

Noah - tagged by Teegan Miles

Here are 8 things about Noah:

1. He has two of the chunkiest legs we have ever seen. I rub them bare all the time! We can't get enough of his soft cellulite legs! I hope he doesn't grow out of them too soon.

2. Noah LOVES when his daddy comes home from work. It melts my heart. Brad will start calling out his name and Noah looks around all excited for him. Finally, when Brad "pops out and appears" Noah grins from ear to ear and usually flaps his arms. Of course it's Brad's favorite time of day too.

3. Noah loves human food,...NOT BABY FOOD. He begs and begs when he sees mommy or daddy eating real food.

4. Noah looks forward to his baths like crazy! When ever we show him his rubber ducky he knows it's time and is ready to get nakie! Splish Splash!

5. He makes the cutest breathing noises. Hard to explain, but he purposely sighs, wheezes, blows air through his two little teeth and lips. He is starting to "CLICK" too! Adorable.

6.Says Dadada Dadada all day long when Mommy is with him, and says Mamama mama whenever Daddy is with him. Maybe he is confused? :)

7.Noah could be carried around in the baby bjorn all day long!!! Daddy's back is starting to feel all 22 lbs. of Noah B.! Ouch! (Sorry honey,..thanks for always holding him in it)! We'd better break the habit soon or Noah may be asking to hop in the bjorn when he is five years old.

8. Is possibly the most loved little boy in the whole world. We love you Noah!! So very very much!

Noah tags Elle Eaton, Crew Leavitt, Chase Cameron, Kynlee Jones, Dylan Irish, and Deakan Richeson.


  1. He is so adorable! You guys are truly blessed. I hope our kids turn out so cute! Maybe if I have a daughter, she can marry Noah! :)

  2. I love Noah! He is my favorite. I want to squeeze you Noh Noh!