Friday, September 7, 2007

Noah's 2 Months Old!

Ya, I know. I am a horrible blogger. Who knew motherhood would be so BUSY!? I'm going to get better starting today. I need to keep some sort of journal about my little family 'cuz Noah is growing WAY TOO FAST!

The first few weeks of motherhood were hard emotionally on me,..but I have things pulled back together and I am absolutley loving every second I have with him. I know I sound like a hallmark card, but it's true that you need to cherish every moment. They change so much so quickly. Every time I see his little smile, I MELT! So this last week he giggled (TOO CUTE) and rolled over (from front to back). WAY too much growing in one week if you ask me. Seeing him grow is a bittersweet experience. With each new stage comes fun new things, smiles and giggles. But there is something so sweet about how much a newborn relies on their parents. They are so sweet, innocent, and loveable. Just think, in a few months I'll be chasing him around and probably won't be able to BEG him to sit on my lap, let alone cuddle up to me. :( Better enjoy my cuddle time now.

It's been fun to see Brad the last few weeks with him. Brad seems so "click" better with Noah now that Noah is smiling and reacting to the world. Brad and Noah take a nightly bath together,...which they BOTH look forward to! I love it, makes me smile! :) Brad has been playing the guitar and singing to Noah the last few nights. Noah is mezmorized by it. Seeing them together makes me feel CRAZY love like I have never felt before. Who knew you could love two boys so much? Seriously!

So my whole life I have been "wishing: for the next stage. Ex. When I was 15, I couldn't wait until I was 16 so I could date. When I was 16 I couldn't wait to get out of highschool and go to college. When I was in college, I wanted to meet my husband. When I met my husband, I couldn't wait to get married. Etc. etc. ---For the first time in my life, I am so so so happy and content just where I am at. I would freeze time if I could. I finally feel fulfilled.--I know I sound so incredibly cheesy, I have just had a very full heart lately and have so much to be grateful for.

We are headed to SE Idaho to see my parents (G & G McKinlay) and to go to SE Idaho Fair and the demolition derby. Should be interesting! :) So this is my promise,...I'll blog every week,...???? Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Love, Shelley (Brad, and Noah)


  1. Hey it great to see you here, keep the pic's comming . Give Noah a kiss for me. See you all at the weddig

  2. Keep the blogs coming... I will be checking weekly!!!

  3. i was so happy to see a new post! noah looks like he is changing and growing so fast...he sure is a cutie!

  4. So excited to see you on here! Can't wait to see more updates and pics!

  5. hey i'm glad you posted some stuff i kept checking, but there was nothing. Noah is so dang cute!! That's so fun that he's giggling!!!