Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sr. Pre-K



No, not preschool, because that would be what he did last year. ;) Noah could technically go to Kindergarten this year because his birthday is July 7th. This little smarty pants would have held up just fine had we sent him. I mostly wanted to write this post so Noah B, could someday know exactly why we decided to approach school this way.  ---It was a hard, prayerful decision, but these were the facts:


*We JUST moved to Tennessee (mid-July) and school starts Early August here! (Ack)
*I knew little to nothing about the school system here.
*Kindergarten in the West is half day. Usually 9-12 every morning. Here it's 9-4 everyday. That's like a JOB!!!! (Sniffle)
*He is a Summer BOY birthday, so not only would he be the youngest in his grade, he'd be the smallest. Sports are NOT a necessity at all, but if he'd LIKE to play when he gets older, I'd like him to have the opportunity.
*I don't want him to be a young "follower" trying to fit in with older kids.
*Sr. Pre-K here is for children turning five before December, so it is indeed a more advanced Pre-K.
*I just read "The Outliers". A book of statics on how and why people are successful. Great read.


Basically, what it comes down to is, my mommy heart just wasn't comfortable with all of the above. I think that was an answer to my sleepless night prayers. (Yes, I lost sleep over this one). I know he is my baby, and he probably would have done just fine, but I want to give him every advantage I can. And, let's be honest, this decision means I get one more year of him in my home now (yes, I really needed this year), AND it gives me one more year of time when he is older. I like the idea of having my high school senior, 18 year old boy, in the arms of his momma one more year before sending him off to college/mission.

Now, what this means for our family life. The twins and Noah will be ONE year apart in school. ONE YEAR!!!! This means all of Noah's friends will be "CRUSHING" on my beautiful twin girls, and my beautiful twin girls will be flirting with all of Noah's  friends. Of course Noah will be interested in the twins' friends too, and they will all be chasing my handsome Noah B. --Whew. The teenage drama to come. ;) Bascially all of this sums up to one thing:

I hope the year gap is a fun, positive thing for the three of them. I pray they don't feel overwhelmed by how much they will be involved in each others lives. In my future idealistic world, they will LOVE the situation and be incredibly grateful for each other. Fingers Crossed.

Noah B. you are going to ROCK Senior Pre-K this year. :) I wish I could put in to words how in love I am with you. I hope someday you will appreciate this hard decision and not wish we had pushed you through.  

{Ha, you probably won't even care. Yes, your Momma worries about everything}.
I'm so glad you are my little boyfriend.PhotobucketPlease don't grow up too fast on me.Photobucket


  1. He's so sweet... and you're such a GOOD mom. : )

  2. Excellent decision!
    Sherry Waldrop

  3. Hey Shelley! Oh I can so relate. I just did a school post..and I have been stressing and losing sleep. Your decision was an even bigger one though! Sounds like you made a good decision. Hope you're adjusting and enjoying Tennessee. Love all your pictures. Your kiddos are so darling!!