Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 years old?!

How could this possibly happen? I swear I just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. I can't believe how fast they grow. I know, it sounds so 'cliche' but it's the truth. And I'm NOT HAPPY about it. I was having a pitty party thinking about how time flies by too fast. Then I remembered, I have this blog. THIS blog to write these cherished memories down. To make time stand still. To look back in 10 years from now and remember the things my kids were doing and saying today. -No excuses, this blog need a little more attention. So here I am. Midnight. Blogging. And all that is on my mind is my sweet Noah B.
Now anyone who knows Noah, knows that he can be a handful at times. While every day there are crazy moments, meltdowns, and frustrations, EVERY day there are heart melting, don't grow up, why can't I stop time moments too. He can be a little stinker, but he's my little stinker, and I love that little stinker with every ounce in me.

I was making a quick list of some of the cute things he does/says right now. In 20 years, I hope to read this and imagine hearing them from my sweetest 3 year old boy. {sniffle, sniffle}.

-A few days ago he started digging around in his toy box and grabbed two balls. He looked at me with the biggest smile and said, 'Mommy Mommy look at me! I'm going to Juggles!' Then he threw the two balls in the air. Little cutie.

-We going to the 'piggy bank' mommy? {he asks me this anytime we are running errands and thinks we are headed to the bank}

-'just nothin'' {when he is obviously up to somethin'}. Noah,...why are your hands behind your back? -Just nothin'. Or he'll come out of a room and we aren't suspecting a thing and he'll say 'just nothin'. We immediately go check! ;)

-Everything is 'buuuuuut' 'but......but......he uses it as as a filler while he thinks.

-The other day I walked into the kitchen to see the counter full of 20 plastic glasses filled half way up with water. :) He wanted to make sure daddy had a drink.

-Every morning since December he has woke up and ran to the window to say 'I have a great idea,....lets go to 'roaring springs'! ---We always had to crush his idea and tell him we will as soon as it warms up. It finally has! So now he has 'a great idea' to go to roaring springs every day. EVERYTHING he wants to do he starts with 'I have a great idea....'. Pretty hard to tell him no when he puts it that way! :)

-Every night before bed, we sing to Noah. He asks for specific songs 'Daddy' {bye oh baby bunting, daddy's gone a hunting}, 'Temple' {I love to see the temple}, 'Families' {Families can be together forever}, 'Prophet' {Follow the Prophet},....but my very favorite request is 'Noah's Song' which is lullaby I made up for him before he was born. It melts me when I hear him singing along with me to his special song.

-He proudly announced the other day, "Mom, I'm a to be a hocky pucker". Oh boy. That sounds all wrong.

-Noah literally stopped in his tracks the other day, inpsected his legs, and said, "Dad, I think some whiskers are growing on my legs".

-Recently Noah was digging around in his toy box and said, "Mom, can you help me find me 'America' I want to play some music. It took me a few minutes to realize he was looking for his Harmonica."

Gosh I love that boy. I hope he continues to say and do silly things forever.

Happy Birthday my sweetest Noah B.
I love you so much and hope you know it.
I am so glad you are mine.


  1. That bath picture melts my heart! Happy 3rd Birthday Noah. I think all moms of a 3 year old experience the frustrating, tender, crazy, tantrum and lovely moments every day. It comes with the territory.

  2. cutie patutie. Love his undies. I miss him. He is growing up WAY Too fast!

  3. Oh, man! Did I ever tell you that grandma's love their grandchildren every bit as much as their kids? Well, I love Noah B like crazy! I'm so glad he is mine too!!

  4. oh your kids totally kill me! way too cute, its not even right!! i think noah looks SOOO much like your husband its crazy! i know i only have a 2 1/2 month old.. but i totally can relate when you say how sad it is how fast they grow ... time should just stand still for a while, right?!

  5. Oh My heck! He is adorable! I can't believe how fast they grow...time is a thief!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!