Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coates Resort Part II

Are you kidding me?! I went to check the mail today and noticed the trash had been put out to be picked up. I was caught of guard when I saw our Christmas Tree waiting to be picked up...
I had NO idea that Brad stashed on the side of our house from December!! Note, today is March 23rd. Wow. Even little Noah had to come out and see this spectacle! {yes he is running around in his undies}
We are soo going to get kicked out of our neighborhood. ;)


  1. funny that ours is sitting out there today also - no joke!

  2. haha! oh brad..

    I would have laughed if i had driven by your house ;)

  3. hahaha!! thats awesome. sooo...we bought a house! you need to come visit us this summer....

  4. That's great. Andrea always thinks I'm weird when I take ours outside and stick it in the yard to look like it's growing there. We had a good snowbank this year, so it looked legit. Fooled the neighbors anyway.