Monday, February 15, 2010


Vintage is in. Vintage is hot. Basically if you own anything vintage, are 'cool'. Except when someone is using the word vintage to describe your computer. It's the one NOT COOL thing to own that is vintage. Yes, 'vintage' is what someone most recently described my computer as. OUCH!
{Okay, so that seriously isn't my computer, but a close runner up,....}!

Pretty sure it was the first flat screen ever made (a whopping 15 incher).

Mom, Dad, thank you for my highschool graduation gift back in 2002,...but it is time to put that puppy to rest. Honey, thank you for my upgrade. I can now search the web, download documents, and blog about 20 bjillion times faster. I love you for it.

GoodBye Vintage. {Nevermind the fact that my new monitor is too large for me to focus in on one area, and that my face is going to freeze from me sitting too close to it} Hello Sleek.


  1. I HAVE THE SAME ONE!!!!!!!! I'm in heaven with it!!
    Congrats on your Mac!

  2. Love your new computer! You will have so much fun with it!

  3. dang! ya, that is a NICE computer. That will be majorly helpful with your blogs! You will LOVE it!

  4. Welcome to the Mac club. Anyone with a Mc last name (even if it's your maiden) is required to have one! Good for you.

  5. I totally hear u girl. My hubby finally got me a mac for more pc and all those dumb cords.