Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BlackOUT in Blackfoot!

There are two days a year in my little mind that I dream up to be 'picture perfect'. Thankgiving is one of them. In my mind the food tastes amazing, the family is laughing making memories, and there is a glow surrounding the home.
I picture it something like this... Instead,...it looked something like this... 'CRICKETS CRICKETS CRICKETS' {yes that means to imagine chirping in the background }

Seriously,...could there possibly be a worse time for a power outage? Now don't get me wrong. I was thankful that day, but slightly frustrated! About 45 minutes before the feast was to begin, the final crucial sides {rolls, casseroles, etc} were about ready to be popped in to the oven. The power went out and the weather was definetly NOT to blame. We thought,...surely it will pop back on in NO time. 8 hours later my family was gathered around the coffee table silently looking at an oil latern. We had learned that a car had hit an electrical pole close by. As long as the driver is okay,...I was annoyed.

We packed up our Thanskgiving feast {cold turkey, rolls that had risen and fallen 6 times, and all accessories} and headed to my Uncle Kirt's home where they kindly let us reheat and attempt our feast there. Ha. Kinda halarious now looking back. It's super fickle to complain about something so small when I truly have so very much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving dinner didn't taste quite the same as in Memories past, but alas I am grateful. Especially when the electricity is on. -At least it will be one to remember?!? ;)
On a lighter note, the McKinlay clan headed to Lava Hot Springs for some much needed soak time. A grand family tradition! :)
Maybe I'll host Thanksgiving next year? And get one of those solar ovens as backup?! ;)


  1. That is crazy! It will definitely be a Thanksgiving to remember. The Lava Hot Springs look like so much fun.

  2. that's a different thanksgiving! i'm glad you guys got to enjoy your meal though, even if it did have to be re-heated. hopefully next year will be better! i've heard lava hot springs is fun! never been myself though.

  3. lol, grandma was telling us about this! i can't imagine! definitely one to remember! i bet the springs were amazing!

  4. I can't believe that! At least you were all together though and you'll have a good laugh about it for years to come! Awwe, Lava Hot Springs! My grandparents used to live up in the mountains there, so seeing that brought back memories! Good times!

  5. Oh, the memories! Definitely a Thanksgiving we will all remember.

  6. Coates
    Do you really live in Blackfoot and you've never visited me in American Falls? My wife found your blog when we were looking at Harris's page. Anyway, good luck with the twins. Really, get in touch and come visit us when you pass American Falls. my e-mail is greg@seagullbaydairy.com

    Greg Andersen