Saturday, November 7, 2009

Suess Family {Halloween '09}

Yes, I must dress the twins as some kind of Pair
I’ll show them off, their cuteness I’ll share.
But there are so many costumes to try, try, try.
What should I, What should I, What should I buy?
So many options, oh what should I do?
I Know, Ill dress them like “Thing One & Thing Two”!
Now how could Noah dress to match with that?
Yes, Noah B. could be Cat in the Hat!
I hop on ebay and with a click it was bought.
But Wait, should Brad and I dress up or not?
Well Brad would make the perfect Green Grinch
I could make his costume in a fast pinch.
But what else would go with “Thing One & Thing Two”?
Of course! I will be the blonde Cindy Lou Who!
It’s Brilliant I thought! Yes, Perfect I say!
We’ll be a “Suess Family” on Halloween Day!
The twins will be such an adorable pair
With silly, crazy, flying wild blue hair!
For that I will use a fuzzy blue boa
They will look so cute next to big brother Noah.
Now that grich costume, hum, I’m a seamstress at heart
I could surely make it so it won’t fall apart!?
Six hours later, green fur flying everywhere
Brad looks and me with a puzzled Blank Stare!
“Don’t Even” I say, “I spent hours on this!”
“Now be grateful and give me a great big kiss!”
So the Grinch with a heart three sizes too small,
Really didn’t look much like the Grinch now at all!
Oh well we had fun and the kids stole the show
We were the Suess Family, We gave it a go! :)

Chloe Mae {Thing One}

Sophie June {Thing 2}Noah B {Cat in the Hat}

{Missy, Thank You Thank You for taking these adorable pictures!}


  1. You always have such cute and creative costumes! Those girls are as cute as they come. Brad is a good sport!

  2. I still can't get over how adorable you ALL were! Your ryme is so fun - you should turn it into a little story book for Noah for Christmas!

  3. they are sooo cute! Love them, good job missy!

  4. What a cute idea! The poem was way cute too!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those have to be the CUTEST costumes ever! I love it! You guys are so creative and always have the cutest pictures! I don't know how you do it Shell...I know I couldn't keep up with you and all you do! Way to go! You are amazing!

  6. Oh Shelley you are so talented!! Love the Dr. Suess fun! It looks like you had a awesome Halloween.

  7. ugh, your girls are killin me! they are the cutest little things I've ever seen! I was dying over their blue wigs! SO FUNNY.

  8. Oh, those kids are SO, SO adorable!! Those costumes are SO creative! And Brad, best lookin' grinch I've seen. Shelley, you have always kind of looked like Cindy Lou Who, blonde, sweet and determined. You take the cake for the best halloween costumes I've seen this year!

  9. Are you even joking me??? How cute is that, you guys need to be in a magazine, seriously...

  10. All I can say is you guys are too cute!!You are so it!!

  11. Love the costumes!!! The twins are adorable!

  12. So cute! Where did you find the wigs? I looked all over for them...I bet you made yours didn't you? Any way your whole family looks super cute! I can't believe how big the twins are getting!

  13. hi shelley! sorry i am such a dork and never introduced myself and you had to read on sheena's blog that i read yours! : ) i am from flower mound, texas and am good friends with both casey and libby. you lived with them at byu-i for a bit, right? i think i originally saw your blog link listed on casey's blog. anyways, i think your little family is just so darling! i met sheena because her hubby and my cousin's hubby are cousins...if that makes sense, hehe! and now we are just great friends! i love meeting new friends via the web! technology is amazing! i need to send you an invite to my blog...i'll try to find your e-mail address.

  14. Are. You. Kidding. Me???? Shelley, Im not even joking PLEASE put your kids on the cover of magazines. You cant BUY that kind of charm on a child!!!! Im so impressed that you could orchestrate this kind of costume extravaganza AND compose such an adorable poem. If im not mistaken, your hair also looked mighty cute - almost as though you had time to wash and curl it??? Cmon now, youre making me look bad :)

    This was the best halloween post!!!

  15. Awesome post Shelley...Love the Dr Suess ryhme! Your little family looked so adorable! And I agree with the other girls here... You five should really be on the cover of a magazine :)

  16. you are SO creative! i love the blue hair on the twins! all of your costumes look great, i love brads ;) i showed taylor these pictures and now he's dying to see your twins too! you guys are so cute!

  17. how adorable. We missed you this halloween.

  18. I absolutely love the theme, it's so creative!!! Shelley, your kids are such dolls. Your little girls are so precious, and Noah is such a good big brother.

    And that poem was amazing! You are talented in so many ways!

  19. OH my gosh Shelley that is the cutest thing ever!! Your kids are so adorable. And you are so creative!!

  20. That is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! Your kids are adorable.

  21. Where did you find the Thing costumes?

  22. SERIOUSLY... can your kids get any cuter??? that is awesome!!!

  23. Love your poem! You amaze me where you find all your time, talent, creativity, etc! You guys looked great!

  24. Love the costumes! You did such a great job! I love that you got Brad to dress up as the Grinch. The kids are gorgeous.