Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In all the spare time I do not have, two of my girlfriends and I managed to start a website! {Yes, We are Crazy, and Yes most of it was created in the middle of the night}!

I am awe struck by all the things amazing women around me do. From balancing a healthy lifestyle, to throwing the perfect party, to implementing creative ideas with her family. I am always asking myself (and others) "How does she do this, or How does she do that"? While none of us are perfect, we all seem to be striving to become better. Better mothers, better wives, better women. HowDoesShe.com {snazzy name huh?!} ;)

There are so many good sites out there on the internet, but after you 'google' for two hours, you are lucky if you have found what you've been looking for! For the last 2 months we've been working on a site that will cut down on all your time consuming searching. We created and organized a site to gather and share inspirational ideas and inform you about other great sites that are available. We are so excited about the concept of gathering inspirational women together.

Hop on the site HowDoesShe.com and check it out! Please leave comments or email us your thoughts on how we can improve! Also, PLEASE share your ideas and great sites so we can add them to our database!

Check back everyday (or sign up on our mailing list) to because each day in November we are going to share one of our top 30 Christmas neighbor gift ideas! Why in November? Because then you will have plenty of time to plan in case you need to watch for things on sale. Just think, you could have all of your gifts wrapped by December so you could relax and enjoy the holidays with your family {wishful thinking?} We will also be posting gift ideas for kids, spouses, grandparents, teachers and friends. The rest of our categories are a bit bare at the moment, but if you like what you are seeing, come back often and watch them fill up!

Please let your family and friends know about HowDoesShe.com The more people we gather, the more ideas we have to share!

Hope you love it! :) Enjoy!


  1. K your so awesome. How do you have time is what i'd like you to share on your site. I just finished looking at it and it is so much fun. Your all so awesome and I added it to my blog. Can't wait to see more. and your kids are getting so big they are so cute. We need to get together nest time you are over this way. I would love to meet those little girls!!

  2. I have already been there a few times to check it out and I am already LOVING it!!

  3. Love it! I would like tips on digital scrap booking and the best things to use since I want to head in that direction, rather than the regular old scrap booking. :) Can't wait to see all you guys do with it!

  4. Hey Shell, I love the website it looks great! I just stumbled upon your blog, and thought I would say hi. Good luck with the site, I look forward to using it!

  5. I have become an avid follower of your new website! Good for you guys! You are so ambitious!

  6. Your website it fabulous! It has such great ideas, and great links. I will be checking it out regularly. I like the ideas for Christmas.!