Monday, July 6, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I started this post 2 weeks ago! Oh boy I have a lot going on........
I think I am starting to recooperate from having my baby girls. Jumping from 1 to 3 children has been a big adjustment. There are so many good things about it, a few bad things, and the ugly,...well,...lets just say I am lucky to get my teeth brushed each day! ;)

The Good:
-The pregnancy is over! Toot Toot. It was a hard one,...especially towards the end.
-Brad and I each have a baby to cuddle. It's the BEST! I remember being jealous when others would cuddle my baby Noah leaving me feeling empty handed. With two, this doesn't happen much.
-Chloe and Sophie are the best babies. They are so so sweet. They are easier put together than Noah was alone as a newborn (he was a bad bad colicky baby).
-The bows, the bracelets, the dresses, etc.
-The newborn skin. The silkiest softest yummiest skin ever.
-I can already tell they have a special little bond. I love seeing them all cuddled up together. Makes my heart swell.
-When I see TWO babies in my arms that are perfect as can be, I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude. I could stare at them for hours. They are truly my miracles.

The Bad:
-When both ALL 3 of my children are crying! Might as well add one more to the sobs because when this happens, I am on the verge of bawling too.
-The sleepless nights. They are good babies,..but they are babies nonetheless. I am lucky to get a 2 hour stretch in.
-Any chance of going in to public alone (without another adult) is SHOT!! Tried it, won't again,..ever.
-Everyone says your love doesn't "split" when you have another baby, but it multiplies. I totally agree,..but your time doesn't multiply! I've had to split my time between 3 babies. It hurts my heart. I miss my Noah. (Thanks to everyone who has given him extra love while I've been MIA,...MOM).
-Everyone asks,..and YES,..I am attempting nursing both babies. Let's just say I've felt like a big naked cow the past month. GAG.
-I worry that I am favoring one or the other. I worry I am holding one longer than the other, then the next minute I worry that I am feeding that one more then her sister,...I want to make sure I am treating them equally as special. Great. I am going to feel this way my whole life?
-ONE baby grows too fast,..but two! :( That means I don't get to enjoy each and every stage individually, but watch two babies grow up in a blink.
-Thinking about the twin girl drama to come! ;)

The Ugly:
-Please do not try to imagine what I currently look like! I am seriously lucky to get my teeth brushed each day.
-OH,..AND, belly button will never NEVER be the same (totally worth it though).
Here are a few pictures of our family the past few chaotic weeks!

Thanks to all of our families who have helped out this past month! Starting tomorrow I am on my own! What am I going to do without you all?! Seriously!!!?


  1. I love your post, I can't believe you got one in. I must say that the pic of Brad with the girls is adorable, he finally looks like a full dad - tired, excited, terrified eyes. Parenthood is a totally different thing once you have more than one. I have been talking to my friend that had twins and she remembers all the sleepless nights but all the joy. Hang in there!

  2. you look like your hands are full!!! the favoring i wouldnt worry about it. i do it with my kids too. i think it is totally normal!! they know you love them and that is what really matters!! keep your chin up it looks like youre doing great!! ps cute babies....all 3!!

  3. you are one busy momma! i love it though! those little babes are so so adorable! how lucky they are to have you as their mom!

  4. You look so amazing Shelley. You really do. You have a good yet realistic attitude that I miss! Your children are healthy and adorable! Seeing your little girls makes me so excited to meet my own.

  5. I loved reading this post, made me cry for some reason?! Probably because I can relate so much to everything you said. You such a wonderful little mom, you'll get into a good routine with them- it will get easier I promise. Hang in there, and just try to enjoy it as much as possible.

  6. You have such a beautiful little family!!
    And no worries, Sometimes I feel like I can barely get things done with just one kid...and you're doing it with 3... so you're already on your way to becoming super mom! (:

  7. Hey! I love that post. I felt the same way about the twins, you wonder if your holding them enough or paying enough attention...dont'worry it all works out!! Sounds like you're doing great! And you look great to! If you need any advice, give me a call, or message me,(although I only have 2 not 3) ;)And eventually the body does go back, so don't worry!! ( well most goes back);)

  8. Too precious! I love them. I totally know what you mean about feeling like a naked cow all day. I seriously never wear a bra these days. It's actually kind of liberating:)

  9. Oh, I just love this post! I am right there with Becky! I know totally what you mean about your worries about treating everyone special but it really does work itself out! You find special moments (and I mean often short moments) to show each how you love them in a way that is fitting for them. You are a trooper with 3 I am super impressed that you ventured out in public with all three kiddos! You are a great mom and all three of your babies are adorable!!! I know totally what you mean about the "naked cow" thing and I am totally not looking forward to that part again...tell me nursing is easier with ONE baby, please!!!

  10. I love your post I think so many of us can relate with your feelings even though having twins is a lot harder and going from 1 to 3 I can't even imagine, but it looks like you are doing a great job. I love all of the sweet pictures that have been posted. Hang in there.

  11. You are honestly the most amazing mom alive. All of your babies are so adorable! I love looking at your pictures! Happy Birthday to Noah yesterday!!! he's grown up so quick from a year ago! we love you guys!

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  13. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming ;) You sound like you are doing great. Those three kids are cuties!

  14. Love the post! They are so adorable!! Wish we could have had a little longer visit :) Glad I got to see ya!

  15. Shelley as far as I am concerned I am impressed you even got to blog, I mean I can't even do that yet! You look terrific and I miss you badly already, I want to come play with Noah and cuddle those two girls who are growing up way to fast. You make me want twins!

  16. So yes I must admit I am a blog stalker...there i said it...:) I happened upon your blog, and I just want to say that you have the cutest babies, and you are an inspiration to me. I have two small ones, 15 mths apart, and i thought I had it tough. Its amazing how you seem to be doing it all so well. Good luck with everything. i'm sure you'll get into a routine and look back and smile :)

  17. Oh what a beautiful family!! You make me want twins! It looks like so much fun...probably harder to remember that throughout the night though. You look great!Those kiddos are lucky to have you as their mama.

  18. oh, they are just angels! you are one lucky mama!