Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mail Organizer Project

I've had many of you ask about the mail holder in my previous post. I talked to my friend Alison Prince who does "Craft Group Boise" . She said that if she got an order of at least 6, she could put kits together for all of you who are interested. The materials would be 24.50 without a handle, and 29.50 with a handle. The materials are a little spendy because of all the bent sheet metal. You would also have to pay for shipping. With the upcoming holidays, I think we can round up at least 6 orders! :) So, I can't gauarantee anything because of the minimun order, but if you are interested please leave me your name and email address. I'll pass on your info to Alison. She would set up a paypal link, so you could do it all online. Let me know.... :)

P.S. Several of the girls who did this craft with me used scrapbook paper and modpodged the sheet metal. Just another option.


  1. Thanks for this linky!

    Also... what are the dates of you coming up? I'll try to let you know before you leave on the shudders.

  2. Thank you for the link, Shelley! I'm very interested! We could use some organization :)My email is Hey and thanks for remembering my bday!

  3. I totally want it!

    Misti Bruderer
    I want 2 of them. Thanks!

  4. I want the handles with mine please!

  5. Hey my e-mail is Thanks for the info!

  6. Hey Shelley I would like one of these! With the handle please:) I also want to know how you made Noah's growth chart very cute!

    Shelbey Konzek

    Thanks you!

  7. Oh my heck! I love this! Sorry it's been a while since I have been blogging. I know I need to catch up.

    I would love to order one of these. They are so stinkin' cute! Put me on the list for sure!

  8. Shelley these are SO cute! I love them! Put me on the list for sure! And I might need a few of them, if that is possible! Thanks

  9. Shelley, my e-mail is Let me know what the total is and I will probably have you bring it down with you if you wouldn't mind. That would be great!!! Thanks, I am super excited.