Monday, September 15, 2008

First Words

Noah has been saying a few first words and I've been meaning to jot them down before I forget.

*MaMa- "mmamamamamamamamam" or Mom "Mam"
*DaDa- "dadddaddaddaadaaddaddad"
{Of course his FAVORITE word is "UH OH". He's been saying this one the longest (2 months or so), but it NEVER gets old. Melts my heart every time. He usually purposely throws something on the ground and follows it up w/ Uh Oh!}
*Ball- "Bah"
*Clap- "Clah"
*Thank you- "Di Due" {This one is the cutest thing ever} {Lately I've been holding out my hands to get something from him and I say thank you. Just yesterday he started bringing me random thing he shouldn't have and giving them to me and HE say "Di Due"}
*Zac- "ZZZZZA"
*Shoes- "Shoiush"

Now how cute is all of that?! :)


  1. First words, I love it! Once Noah starts talking he'll never stop and then watch out:)Uh Oh is Matti's favorite she says it none stop, that one cracks me up since they purposely drop things to say it:)

  2. My favorite is still the uh-oh! Atleat you know is he has something in his hand it will most likely be thrown down after saying it. :)

  3. Tyler says Thank You the same way. It is the sweetest! Just the other day Tyler said his first sentence. He said, "more nack" for more fruit snacks. Noah really is a super cute boy. We hope you see you guys soon!

  4. Oh i love him.. I cant wait to see the both of you! November will be here fast but you should still try to talk Brad into the October visit :)

  5. Ohh you are right this blogging thing is fun. I love the comments section a lot. Kids first words are always such a good time. Has he said "No" yet.. Just wait, it will happen and then never stop.