Friday, September 5, 2008

And the winner is....

BRAD! Yes, he is offically winner of the McKinlay Open. This past weekend (Labor Day Weekend) we went to the cabin in UT and the boys played out the last two rounds of the tourny. Brad pulled ahead in the last round and won it by 6 strokes. -I'm proud of him, but HONESTLY,...I was rooting for my dad or Zac to win it all. Let me explain...Brad is extremely good at just about everything he tries to do, and it is down right annoying sometimes! He isn't AMAZING at any one thing, but he holds his own in just about everything he tries. Bowling, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, name it, he succeeds in it. Kinda cool, kinda annoying! ;) So yes I am proud of him, but can someone pound him next year please!? My oldest brother Zac went ALL out this year as the self proclaimed commissioner of the McKinlay Open. He sent an official letter about a month ago with a rule book included. He also made the incredible "leaderboard" which yes DOES now have a frame around it! I must make a sidenote that Justin had to withdraw from the tournament against his will due to breaking his hand a week before! :( He pounded it with a hammer. He was a great caddy for my dad though! Justin feels like there should be an * mark next to Brad's name on the trophy this year because he had to bow out. Ha.
Noah is excited to participate in the McKinlay Open someday, but in the mean time,...he thoroughly enjoyed picking up sticks outside, playing in dirt, pulling garbage around, and being ALL boy.
The boys played their tradition "Happy Flop" aka poker with Henry Weinharts all night.My mom and I attempted to make aprons for an apron swap we are doing. We cooked for the boys and relaxed around the cabin. Every time I go there I am so impressed by all the detail, love, and attention my grandparents put into building it for their family to enjoy. They did most of it with their own hands. Truly a labor of love. Thanks Gma and Gpa! It is so refreshing to have a getaway to the mountains (ESPECIALLY when it's not it a tent)!

'til next year...practice up boys!


  1. Love it! Love it! We had a fun time. Thanks for posting all those pictures. Have you finished your apron yet? Call me if you have any questions. I need to finish mine up in the next couple of days.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time and I do love that cabin. There is nothing like going somewhere and having a place like that to stay. Perfect!

  3. What cute pictures! Glad you had a great could you not with that amazing cabin! Also, great job on canning peaches. Looks like the turned out perfect!

  4. Shell, thanks for all the great pics. I can always count on you to document an important family event. I love little Noah B. so much and he is growing up so fast. He is one stylin' boy in all his cute outfits!