Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Smiles, Bigger Bruises!

This past week Kara, Elle, and my Mom came to visit! Kara will be leaving to TN later this month, so it was fun to have some "girl time" before she leaves. Noah had a fun but "rough" week. He was playing so hard that he had several, SEVERAL owies! I'll explain as I go......

Elle and Noah are finally old enough that they ENJOY each others company! It was so adorable to see them interact as cousins. Up until this point, Elle was a little too "big" for Noah....but now....bestEST cousins! :) Elle LOVES to give hugs....on the cement! She went in for a big bear hug on Noah and he stumbled down, face first, and got a big fat lip! :(They thoroughly enjoyed playing in DIRT together.....

I LOVE THIS NAKED BUM PICTURE! This WILL be used as bribery during teenage years! :)

Rockin' at Cracker Barrel...

We went to Roaring Springs Water Park while they were visiting. It was so fun! I don't think Noah is quite old enough to have a BLAST,...but it was still cute to see him splashing around in the water.

Noah wasn't so sure about the slides,...but Elle and Uncle Brad had a Blast!! They totally "bonded" this past week! Pretty cute....

We put Noah in the cutest life jacket. He took off walking, and little did I think about the FACT that he couldn't reach his arms out to catch himself when he tumbled over,...hence,...the big bump on his head! :(

Look closely for his bump and fat lip......... :(......

Noah's favorite part about Roaring Springs was the LAZY river! He fell asleep in my arms while we were looping around. So precious. We laid him down in the shade for a quick nap. Precious!

My Mom watched the babies during their naps while Brad, Kara, and I went on "the big kid" rides! I have come to realize that I scream at the top of my lungs on every ride! It's definetely funner that way! All of you "non-screamers" out there need to give it a try! ;)

Since we will be in FL next week during Noah's REAL 1st Birthday,...we had his Boise COWBOY Birthday party! It was so much fun...I'll do a seperate SPECIAL post for his Cowboy party! :) During the end of his party he tripped on one of his new blocks (THANKS A LOT AVERY) and face planted into the coffee table! Now he has a black eye! OOWW!! Hurts my heart! He is all roughed up and totally looking like a boy. I'm scared to go the gym because I am afraid they will think I am some crazy child abuser! :(

My mom bought Noah a water table for his birthday and a play pool. Elle and Noah spent as much time as possible outside splishing and splashing. They would SCREAM when we would bring them inside! On the last day they were playing with the water toys and Elle stepped on a Bee!!! OUCH!! Her first bee sting! :(

Kara and I sound like "parents of the year" huh?! Our babies might be bumped and bruised,...but they smiled a lot too! :) So did we!

Thanks for coming over Mom and Kjo (and Bugs for 12 hours;))! Someday we will all live SUPER close and play like that all the time! Promise!

LoVe yOu gUyS!


  1. Super cute pictures. It was nice to meet your family too.

  2. ah, i love these pics. i just left a comment on kara's blog saying how much this post made me miss my sister and her kids. its good you guys did a little outing before she moves though- living far away from your fam is so hard sometimes!

  3. Cousins the same age are the best! My sister's little boy in just one month older than Tyler. They will be buddies. Isn't is great that family is still the most important thing. Your family was so nice!

  4. It is always fun to have family some visit. It makes you realize how wonderful they really are.