Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day!

Why does my hubby look tan and I look all pasty!?!
This is the "Napkin Man"! I love my daddy! :)

We spent memorial weekend in SE Idaho. It rained a lot (YUCK). It's so nice just to be around my family. The are days I wished we lived closer. :( Boise is awesome though,...I just wish they would all move here! Now there's an idea! (HINT HINT)!

We didn't do anything spectacular. We just ate, fed the ducks, ate, went shopping, and ate. :) Seems to be a theme there huh?! Speaking of which,...I HAVE 10 lbs to lose! There it is, IN writing. Guess I am going to have to follow through on that one. What happened to "the baby weight melts off when you stop nursing"? Ha! That's a myth! Guess I'm going to have to work extra hard.

We stopped by my parents new house in Blackfoot. It is almost finished and it's gorgeous! I designed the kitchen so it is EXTRA exciting for me to see things all come together. I'll get pictures on as soon as they move in! Maybe someday I can get my dream kitchen too! :) Until then,...I'll vicariously through my mom.

-ARGH! My pictures are going crazy! They won't go where I put them. Sorry, with a sloppy blog this time! :)


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love the "Napkin Man." I especially love the looks on Noah & Elle's faces watching him...Adorable!

  2. Love that top picture. Mr. Two Teeth! It was a such a fun weekend. We love having you around

  3. Oh I miss that sewwt little Noah! He is always so smiley. Looks like you had fun, but your family allways together :)

  4. Shelley- I found your blog through Kara's. You have the cutest family! It is nice to see what you have been up to.