Monday, March 24, 2008

I love holidays!

So, I am officially obsessed with holidays. Holiday of any kind,...I'll take it. Here is my reasoning:

1st (and most importantly) it gives us an opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of each holiday. Most of them have a significant purpose such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Mother's day, Father's Day, the 4th of July, Valentines, etc. These special days help remind me of more important things than everyday life choas. The spiritual side and reflection of each holiday is truly a treasure to me. I love the holidays because they spiritual.

2nd It gives us all an excuse to get together as a family and party! Everyone takes time off of work and we get to enjoy what truly matters in life...eachother. I love family time, it's the best! We make so many memories as a family every holiday that will be apart of my heart forever. The pictures, the food, the laughter,...all of the quality time together as a family makes me love the holidays. I love the holidays because of family time.

3rd I love the commercialism in the holidays too! So SUE me,...I like the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, Elves and Santa. It makes the holidays so so so much fun. Especially with little ones to anticipate the magic. I love holidays because they are Magical!

This past weekend was Easter and it was all of the things above. Spiritual, Family Time, and Magical!

On Saturday night we had a fondue party with some of the McKinlay cousins. It was so good to get together and binge eat on cheese and chocolate fondue!

On Sunday Kara organized an amazing brunch! See recipe blog for awesome breakfast casserole.

The Easter bunny came with baskets, and gifts! Brad got me Paul Cardall's new Piano hymn cd.

We dressed the kids in their adorable Easter clothes and went off to church.

Church was followed by another Easter dinner!! Why do I love food so much?

The trip was short, but so worth the drive from Boise to Idaho Falls. I am so grateful for the holidays. Easter is so refreshing because it offically opens "Spring" and there is something extremly spiritual to me as I watch everything become "new"again. Easter is also very near to my heart because of Christ's love and atoning sacrifice for me. I am truly grateful for Heavenly Father's plan and for his son Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter! :)

P.S. How could I forget?!!!....I love holidays because of NAPS too!! :)

P.P.S I can't get my camera to work!ARGH! I guess This post will just have to have pictures added later.

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