Wednesday, December 19, 2007

MoTab Concert

So this past weekend we went down to Salt Lake City to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert. It was AMAZING!! So,...everyone was just chatting away like crazy before the concert began, and all of a sudden the prophet (unannounced) walks in a tiny little door. Everyone immediately noticed, stopped talking, and stood up as the prophet took his seat. It gives me chills even writing about it! You could have heard a pin drop! The spirit was instantly incredibly strong. The rest of the 1st presidency was there as well.

The concert was full of amazing talent. My favorite song was the twelve days of Christmas. They had crazy fun dancers everywhere. We invited our friends Lori and Brent to come down to watch it (missionary opportunity). I think it was a really good experience for them. The next day we went back to temple square to go to the vistor's center with them. Unfortunetly it was PACKED PACKED PACKED with people! I wasn't quite the spiritual EVENT I had hoped for,...but I think all and all it went really well.

The Salt Lake City Temple holds such a tender spot in my heart. I don't know why,..but for some reason,'s just like "AAAAHHHHHHH" (That was a pretty singing AAAAHHHHH). It's like "THE TEMPLE". That and the fact I married my sweet husband there. I love going to temple square. Kinda funny little detail,...Bugs has been dating Kyle from my home ward. Megan couldn't come down to Utah until after the concert because of dance, so Kyle just hung with our family for the night. He's a sharp kid. Hopefully Megan recognizes it. Anyways I think the McKinlay clan made him feel welcome! ;)

Gotta go finish wrapping,,..packing,...AAAAHHHHH (that wasn't a pretty singing AAAAHHHHH).

P.S. I almost wrote a whole blog without mentioning Noah! Oh My! Here is Noah all Bundled up for Temple Square!

And,...Here is Noah and Mommy having a good time this past week. I was giving him a "FAKE laugh" and he thought it was too funny! :) I love this boy!!!

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  1. Shell, it looks like you had a great time at the concert. Did you make the candies? How did they turn out? Merry Christmas!!